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NaNo Post Mortem

Sure it seems a bit early to be doing a post mortem for NaNoWriMo with 12 days left in the month, but with my project done and having met word count, it seemed like one was fitting.

This is my eighth NaNoWriMo, and it is the one I like the least.  No, that is not strong enough.  I hate it.  It is the worst thing I have ever written.  It is a swirling black whole of despair that has sucked in any confidence I had in my writing and quite possibly my life in general.  The characters are incredibly inconsistent.  It is not humorous at all.  Characters appear out of no where, then go away just as fast.  And I take a massive diversion towards the end of the story that makes no sense (and this is in a story that had yet to make sense).

Usually when I finish one of these stories, I turn it into a PDF and load it onto my Nook so that (in theory) I can edit it.  That won’t happen with this story.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t just delete it.  I might be better off just deleting it and taking the loss this year.

NaNo Update

The story is done.  Finished.  The final word count is 50,949 words (or 50,719 words if you go by the official word count).

The story itself is all over the place.  I’m not even sure if multiple rewrites could save this story.  But it is done, finished, over.  All I have to do is wait for the official validator to come online to officially win it.

NaNo Update

The end stretch is in sight.  The only problem is that I am still not sure that my story can actually reach 50,000 words on its own.  I may have to go back over the story to flesh out other scenes to give it the word count that it needs to make me a winner this year.

At the moment, my word count if 47547 words.  The story is also a total mess, so I’m pretty certain that this one may never see the light of day.

NaNo Update

Given the current tangent the story seems to be traveling in, I think I might actually be able to meet the 50,000 word limit, and maybe then some.  Considering I still have to resolve the current tangent, then get my main characters back to the main story, I should be on pace to make word count.

At the moment, I currently stand at 41,676 words.

NaNo Update

Okay, so, tonight took a really odd turn, and I mean really odd.

Still, I managed to boost my word count tonight to 39,057 words.  And, given how things have managed to take a turn, it may just be that I might make 50,000 words, though it will be because I took a very strange tangent.

NaNo Update

Just a quick update for the word count.  Not a big night tonight compared to previous nights.  My word count is currently  36,398.

It just might be possible that my story may just make the 50,000 word count for the month… maybe.

NaNo Update

NaNo Update and Gaming Weekend

Writing is still going.  I ended tonight with a word count of 31,155 words.  I could have gone further except that it was late and the next part was going to get a bit surreal.

Since I was a head of my word count, I decided to take a break today and try to get in a little gaming.  I did managed to try out the Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing game.  This game is similar to X-Wing, and more similar to Star Trek Attack Wing (As you can guess, Star Trek Attack Wing and D&D Attack Wing are both from Wizkids).  The big difference between the two Attack Wing games is that D&D incorporates ground combat in addition to aerial battles.  Since this was the first game we had actually played for D&D, we stuck with just pitting the dragons against each other.  In the end, my red dragon won the day, though the blue dragon I also controlled fell in battle.

I liked the game, and it is a welcome change from the dog fighting of X-Wing.  I definitely want to try out the ground combat part of the game as well, and I will be reading up on how that comes into play real soon.

NaNo Update

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on trying to get my story back on track.  Or, at the very least, back on the word count track.  I think I might have an idea for a scene which is sure to add in a ton of words, and possibly even get me to the climax of the story (with that climax being closer to 50,000 words than 30,000 words).

My current word count is 30,008 words.  Tomorrow afternoon I’m planning on a small break from writing, then back at it in the evening.

Oh, and the season finale of Doctor Who as well.

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