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Blog Update – September 25, 2011

This really isn’t about this blog, but my alternate blog, the fiction piece.  Reading it over, I’m just not feeling it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I think it’s falling into the same pitfalls that have plagued other bad zombie lit (all zombies, to characters), or I’m just getting burned out on the whole zombie concept, at least, the whole flesh-eating reanimated dead zombie concepts.  I still don’t count by upcoming piece as zombie lit because the “zombies” in it are neither traditional zombies or the Romero style ghoulish zombies, but just mind controlled people.

Anyway, I’m thinking I may scrap the zombie blog (I backed it up… just in case) for something else.  I attempted a superhero fiction blog a couple of times before, but I was not really thrilled with how it was turning out, either.  The idea of a superhero oriented blog is still a possibility, though I may want to try out a different take on it.  Maybe entry style again, or something a bit more conventional.  As for characters, I have a gigantic supply of them (I tend to create characters… a lot).  I could also attempt something different with the blog, possibly just using it as an exercise piece for various writing prompts I pick up here and there (I have a few books of writing prompts that I can draw on).

If I decide to make it more just about writing than about anything else, I will probably post less in an effort to make what I do post more worth while (except in November, which I would probably not post as well).  I would probably also vary the genres as well, just to keep things interesting.  I may even find some of my older works, and fragments of works and post them on it as well.  I have managed to keep most of them around… somewhere.  I’m just not sure about the scripts.

Of course, I am always open to suggestions.

Writing Update – Thursday/Friday

Not much writing done today since I have an early shift at work.  Hopefully I will get a bit more in tonight when I get home.

I did add a link to my fiction blog.  At the moment, it only has two links on it, so it is still growing.  I should (luck be willing) be able to post more over the next few days.

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