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Saturday Songs – December 27, 2014

I really just need a little something silly.

Here’s Weird Al Yankovic.

Saturday Songs – November 23, 2013

For those of us who have been participating in National Novel Writing Month, we are in the home stretch.  Thus, it’s time for something just a little bit silly.

And for those who are looking forward to Thanksgiving, it seems fitting that is should be Weird Al Yankovic.

Concerts I Have Seen

Let’s take a little musical journey, one that’s a little bit personal.  Granted, I might not remember every concert I’ve seen, but I have been to a few.  So, lets start with the earliest one I remember

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Saturday Songs – March 23, 2013

You know, it was really been one of those weeks.  My dad started following me on Twitter, which means I probably have to get rid of that now.  It was a short weekend with a lot or really weird days at work.  And, on top of all of that, I found out (once again) that no woman in the world wants to date me.

So, to Hell with it, it’s time for some really silly videos.

First up is The Presidents of the United States of America with Peaches.

Next up of Weird Al Yankovic with Fat.

And finally, the Frantics with Last Will and Temperment

Saturday Songs – Special Valentine’s Edition

Since I was not able to post my usual Saturday Song this week thanks to the blizzard of 2013 (note, this is the blizzard of 2013, not Nemo, or Charlotte,   just the blizzard of 2013), I figured that I would take a moment to pick out some of the songs that I will be listening to this Valentine’s Day.

First up is a classic.

Next up is a personal favorite from one of my personal favorite bands which has had one other song in the Saturday Songs, Queensryche.

Next up, we turn to the Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master soundtrack for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Next up is Weird Al Yankovic with a thematic parody of the power ballad form.

Finally, we have a pick from the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

Let’s see if you can guess the theme.


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