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Tag Sale Etiquette

I have nothing against tag sales.  However, I do believe that if you are going to go to a tag sale, you should adhere to some elements of etiquette.

Mostly, this is about being courteous to the neighbors of the people who are having the tag sale.  I mention this because, well, our neighbors were having a tag sale.  And while most of the people who were going to look for those second-hand bargains were polite, there were a couple of stand outs which makes me think that something like this needs to put forth.

First and foremost about being courteous to the neighbors is do not park in front of their driveways.  Your pursuit of a deal should not impede on anyone else’s ability to leave their driveway to run errands or (in my case) just go to work.  If you are not sure if you might block the driveway, then park somewhere else because it is quite possible that you are indeed blocking the driveway enough to be a hinderance… like the pick up truck that did just that when I was leaving for work.

This also means being respectful of the neighbors wishes, at least their reasonable wishes.  Case in point, we have had postal carriers who will skip houses if the mailboxes are blocked.  In the winter, it is understandable since it is the home owner’s responsibility to make sure the mail box is clear and unobstructed.  Unfortunately, I have also seen our postal carrier skip mailboxes because there are cars parked too close to the mail boxes, such as in a party situation, or a tag sale situation.  Knowing that, as I was leaving for work today, I saw one attendant of the tag sale pull up to park very close to our mail box, close enough to be an issue.  Politely, I asked if she could park just a little further back from the mail box, mentioning the situation with the mail carrier.  The way she reacted you would have thought I had asked her to kill her favorite pet.  I did not think it was an unreasonable request (certainly not as unreasonable as, oh say, do not park in front of our drive way because I need to go to work).

That’s really all that I ask.  I don’t care if you park in front of our house, just don’t park in front of our driveway or our mail box.

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