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Top 5 Games That Should Be On TableTop

As followers of my blog know, I have been into board and card games a lot lately.  This resurgence of interest falls squarely on Wil Wheaton’s YouTube show, TableTop.  The show showed me a number of games that looked interesting.  And seeing them played made me want to play them.  And since I’ve been watching the show, I have played many of the games they have featured, and plan to play many more of them.

Recently, Wheaton approached the masses, choosing to crowdfund the third season of TableTop.  The response has been phenomenal.  The campaign not only met its goals, amassing enough money to fund not only a 20 episode season but a spin off RPG show, they have broken records doing it.

Now, with season three a given, there comes the moment where the games for the next season need to be picked.  Naturally, I have a few suggestions as to what should make it onto the show.

Now, this is a dream list.  I know that some of these games probably would not make it on the show, either because they play too short or too long, or other logistical reasons.  But, these are the games that I would love to see on the show.  And, just for fun, I’m including my dream players for the list as well.



1) Nightfall

Nightfall is a deck building game featuring vampires and werewolves.  Players build their decks from a central pool, though each player also has a reserve of two types of cards that only they can draw from.  Each round pits the players against each other, attacking their opponents while trying to buy better cards.  When all the wounds are exhausted, the winner is the one that has the least wounds.

Having watched TableTop from the first episode, I do not remember an official deck builder (they did a deck builder on the International TableTop Day feed, though that was not an official episode).

Dream Gamers

For this show, Wil would have to gather gamers who should have a connection to either werewolves or vampires.  Returning guests Sam Witmer and Seth Green would be joined by Nina Dobrev.



2) Sentinels of the Multiverse

It surprises me that this one has not been on the show yet?  Sentinels of the Multiverse is a card game where the players assume the roles of super heroes teaming up against a super villain.  To make things more difficult for the heroes, there is an environment deck that can either help or hurt (usually hurt).  Each hero has their own deck with powers and abilities to battle the villain, just as each villain has their own deck to wage battle against the heroes.

Sentinels of the Multiverse has spawned numerous expansions, the latest, Vengeance, having been released just this past year.  Because of the number of characters that the players can use, and the villains and environments, the game has tons of replayability.

Dream Gamers

Returning for this game would be Ed Brubaker, writer for such comics as Fatale and Captain America.  He would be joined by Brandon Routh (from Superman Returns) and Laura Vandervoort (Smallville)



3) Stone Age

Stone Age is a worker placement game where the players try to build up their tribes through acquisition of resources.  With these resources, they can buy huts that bestow victory points, or buy ships that provide resources and other scoring elements.  Remember that you need to feed your people, and you can always grow your tribe and research agriculture and tools.

I have to admit that Stone Age is one of the first worker placement games that I have played, so it is the one that I would like Wil to play on the show the most.

Dream Gamers

I did not really go all thematic with my picks for gamers.  But, it would be fun to see Jim Parsons, Felicia Day, and Ryon Day play this one, mostly to see Felicia and her brother fight one one blocks the other out of resources they needed.



4) Eldritch Horror

In the first season, TableTop tackled Elder Sign, the dice rolling game based on the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos.  I think that TableTop should take on one of Elder Sign‘s big brothers during season 3.  In Eldritch Horror, players travel the globe to gather clues to try and defeat the Elder God before it awakes and destroys the world.

Now, I had my choice between this and Arkham Horror, which plays similarly to Eldritch Horror.  However, Eldritch Horror is a bit more streamlines in play while taking the adventure to a global scale, while Arkham Horror is can be a bit sprawly  in set up and a bit more isolated with it’s Arkham locale.

I do know that this is a long game, probably a bit longer than TableTop would want to tackle.  However, the show has run two part episodes in the past, along with an hour long episode that could accommodate a large scale game like this.

Dream Gamers

For a game steeped in the pulp horror of H.P Lovecraft, it would he cool to see players who have some connection to the genre.  Author Jim Butcher, famous for the Dresden Files series, along with Claire Coffee (Adalind Schade on the TV series, Grimm) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)



5) Mice and Mystics

Mice and Mystics is an adventure/role playing board game.  Players assume the roles of fantasy characters who have been transformed into mice.  The players must complete missions which will lead them to a resolution to their mousy dilemma.  But beware, they will come up against centipedes, rats, and the dreaded cat of the castle.

Like Eldritch Horror above, Mice and Mystics is a long game, especially if players try to complete all the scenarios the base game provides.  But, Wil and his guests can easily complete the first scenario (with side missions) for one show, which should give viewers a good idea how the game is played, and how fun it is.

Dream Gamers

I would love to see Tara Strong return to play this game, if only to see what voices she gives the characters.  Along for the ride would be Billy West (who provided voices for Ren & Stimpy and Futurama) and Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman on Batman: The Animated Series)

Off Night Gaming – May 5, 2014

While many were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I opted for something else, a little off night gaming.

I call it off night gaming because it was on a Monday, which, due to my current work schedule, is my Sunday.  Usually, I spend Sundays (my Saturdays… don’t put much thought into it, it will give you a headache) participating in X-Wing matches.  This weekend was my dad’s birthday, so I really could not duck out and get in a match.  Thus, I opted to try and gather some people at my friendly local game shop to play a few games (that did not involve an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter).

Fortunately, I found a couple of like minded people who were willing to meet up and play a few games.

The first game we played was Star Realms.  Star Realms is a 2 player compact sci-fi deck builder.  I say compact because the full game is contained within one small box at a pretty small price (the game is listed on at $14.95).  Star Realms maintains the standard deck building rules (start with a simple ten card deck and build it up by buying new cards from a central area) with an added element of player versus player combat.  The game even includes a number of scoring cards which allow players to keep track of how well (or how poor) they are doing, a unique element to this game which actually works quite well.  We played two games, switching players out since there were three of us and Star Realms only plays two unless you buy a second deck.

Next, we played Gravwell.  I have played Gravwell before as a solo game, so this was the first time I would be playing against other people, and the first time out of my usual lunchtime gaming group of explaining a game to other people.  Thankfully, Gravwell is easy to pick up, and though some felt the end was anti-climactic (you escape, that’s pretty much it), we did enjoy it.  We even thought of a variant where players are working together as teams to free both their ships from the singularity,  This variant is meant for four players.

Next up was Krosmaster: Arena.  I have seen the game in the shop, but really did not know much about it.  Krosmaster: Arena is a board game which pits players against each other to find out who is the ultimate winner.  Think Battle Royale, except a bit more fantastic.  The game itself is a convergence of board game, online game, and collectible game.  I found the game interesting (we played a simplified version of it), but I am not sure if it is a game that I would get into.  I really am not looking for another game which involves collecting items, especially when the base game is roughly $55 and the expansions are $20.  I already have X-Wing for that.

Finally, we wrapped up with a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  I have played Sentinels before, 2 games on TableTop Day and really enjoyed the comic themed card game.  This time around, I took the role of Legacy, who is a bit of a mix of power and support to compliment the other players Haka (a lot of damage dealing) and Tachyon (a speedster who drew cards and did some damage).  Unfortunately, we ran into problems when the villain was able to get out a number of cards that did accumulating damage and we lost this battle.

Still, I and the other people there had fun and I would love to do it again.  Maybe this will get me to read up on the rules for Core Worlds and Arctic Scavengers so that I can explain those two deck builders to players the next time we play.

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