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Adding to the Rewrite Table

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I’ve been thinking of rewriting the comic scripts that I wrote years ago, the script that became the basis for one of my NaNoWriMo novels.

First, I still been to remember that I have no drawing talent at all.

Secondly, I need to consider whether or not I want to include parts of the NaNoWriMo novel in the scripts, which would undoubtedly turn the five scripts (each script being one issue) into significantly more scripts.

Rewriting – Dealing With Problem Characters

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An icon for rewriting an article and for other purposes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As part of rewriting one of my past NaNoWriMo projects, I have to deal with a few issues.  Some of these issues deal with some of the characters.  Already I have looked at one character to knock his power level down.  Now I have to look at another character for completely different reasons.

Problem Character – Quin

Quin represents a unique problem, or several problems, as it were.  And it seems that each possible solution opens up more problems.

The Problem

Quin is a superhuman with five unique powers.  When I originally created him, he would split into five different heroes, each with their own powers and look.  This is why he was called Quin, for five.  The five powers were: super fast flight, superhuman strength, invisibility, hyperintelligence and electric powers.  Dealing with him initially led to issues with character bloating, even though these five were really just one character.

Thus came a shift in Quin’s powers.  Now he did not split into separate heroes, but shifted between them.  He became less of a one man super team, but more like the old Doom Patrol character Crazy Jane.  Even this similarity created an issue.

Even more difficult is how exactly would I write this character.  Does each version have its own personality along with its own power?  Or is the overall Quin still the dominant mind in each form.  I have had little experience writing a character that could potentially have a multiple personality disorder, and I did not want to accidentally misrepresent the disorder.

Solution #1, And Its Problem

I would do a little… well, really, a lot of research on multiple personality disorders to make this character work better.  But, even with research, I am still afraid that I could fall into some sort of Hollywood trap, portraying him based not on actual research, but on some Hollywood trope that does not really capture the nature of the disorder.

Solution #2, And Its Problem

I could change the nature of the power.  It is possible that what we see in Quin is not innate, but caused by some sort of outside situation.  The problem is that it may take far longer to explain how this happened.  Or, worse yet, I still fall into the same problems as with the multiple personality disorder, especially since this would imply that there are multiple personalities residing within Quin.

Solution #3, And Its Problem

I could merge the powers into one individual.  But, the obvious problem is that this would create a far stronger superhero, possibly even stronger than the ones that are supposed to be the main characters of this story.

Solution #4, And Its Problem

The most obvious solution would be to eliminate the character entirely and replace him with other characters.  The problem with this is the greater potential for character bloat in the story.

At the moment, there are only one or two characters who can fit some of the gaps left by eliminating Quin.  One is my speedster, who, admittedly, is actually pretty underused now.  He would obviously replace super fast flyer, even if he can’t fly himself.

But this does not really deal with the fact that there are a few chapters that feature this character, along with his involvement in the finale of the story.  I am not sure that it would be possible to wedge in any of the other established main characters into these chapters.  And any new character I brought in could possibly end up appearing in only those chapters.

Needless to say, dealing with this character is going to require a Hell of a lot of work.

Rewriting – Character Solving Part 1

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An icon for rewriting an article and for other purposes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of rewriting my National Novel Writing Month project from 2010 is resolving some character issues.  in one case, it is making a character seem less like a God.

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Friday Writing Update – September 23, 2011

I have not really done any editing work on any of my old writing projects.  That even includes the one nove that I had started to edit before.  I have continued to brain storm for this year’s NaNoWriMo project, gathering more and more ideas that will undoubtedly find their way into this year’s project once November starts.

My fiction blog has pretty much fallen apart.  Reading through past posts on it, I realize that I began to fall into the same trap that bugs me about most “zombie” stories as I focus less on the characters and more on the zombies.  I also began to find the “blog entry” style format a bit limiting.  If I try again When I try again, I think that it will be a bit more conventional in format, and probably not a zombie story.  I’ll probably cross that bridge after November.  Maybe I’ll take one of my old NaNoWriMo projects and posts chapters of that on here.

Writing Update – September 17, 2011

Apparently, I really hate the whole editing and rewriting process.  I have not done anything by way of work on the one previous NaNoWriMo project I was looking to work on.

The blog has also fallen by the wayside, too.  Even trying to take a different take on zombies, I’m getting a little zombied out.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, we are less than two months away from November 1st and the start of this year’s National Novel Writing Month.  Surprisingly, I am still gathering ideas for this year’s project.  The latest idea I had was that our main character was a target rather than a random happenstance victim of circumstance.  Of course, the next thing I need to figure out is why someone would target a pop culture geek who happens to be a LARPer as well.  Given the whole nature of this one idea, I doubt that I will attempt to get it published.  Maybe I’ll post parts of it as a blog after November.  I also had a minor setback with the idea.  The concept for the decoder ring was that it was in a box of old cereal called Crispie-O’s.  It turns out that there is a Crispy-O’s that’s still being made.  I have no problem using a real cereal.  But, the idea I had was that this particular cereal was at least fifteen years old and no longer made.  I may have to find a new cereal name.  Anyone know if Quisps are still being made?  Nevermind, I just looked it up, it is.  I think I may use Freakies, which was discontinued in the 1970s or the 1980s (a comeback was attempted).

This will be my fifth National Novel Writing Month.  The four previous years, I did manage to make the 50,000 word count, though there was a lot of futzing to get there.  It probably would help if the auto-numbered chapters in Movie Magic Screenwriter would actually transpose the full chapter number (previous years, each chapter came up as “Chapter” instead of “Chapter Twenty-Three” once I copied it to the verifier).

Writing Update – September 10, 2011

Not a lot of work on anything.  To be honest, I got sucked into Fringe when I saw Season 3 was out on DVD.  This tends to be my practice with Fringe.  I end up not being able to keep up with the series when it actually airs because of lack of time and work (working nights will do that).  So I will wait until the season comes out of DVD and power run through the episodes.  Probably by the end of the weekend I’ll be on disc three or four.

I’m starting to get ideas for scenes for my November project.  They are still random scenes stuck in my head.  But they will most likely show up on the page in November, along with some of the details about the characters that are floating around.  One thing is for sure, this year’s project is pretty much one just for me since it is going to pull from so many different pop culture sources.

Writing Update – September 6, 2011

Still no work on the rewrite.  It seems that my least favorite thing to do it to actually work on editing and rewriting things I have already written.

Even with working on the MDA telethon Sunday, I was able to get some world building done on this year’s NaNoWriMo, mostly because I always carry a notebook with me.  Granted, it is not much, but it is the brief description of four of the main characters, and some of the concepts for the book.  When I transposed them into OneNote 2010 (since I have an app for that on my iPod), I added in a rough idea of a villain and some more concepts.  More ideas pop in my head the more I think about it.  And with each new idea, it is very much apparent that this one will undoubtedly be pretty much a vanity peace since it is borrowing so much from a lot of different pop culture sources.  Heck, one of these ideas even includes two of the characters visiting an actual author because of an item in one of his book series.

I have also posted a couple more entries on my Coverage of the Dead fiction blog.  I still get the feeling from this that it isn’t quite working the way I was hoping it would, but I am committed to at least seeing this through a bit more to see if I’m right or wrong.

Writing Update – September 3rd, 2011

I really have to admit that I have not done any work on the rewrite.  Not one bit.  I could argue that it’s been busy at work or that we had a hurricane hit, but that really isn’t the case.  I’ve just been slacking off.

I have posted a few entries on the fiction blog I’ve been working on, but I’ve been getting the feeling that it should be less blog entries and more actual prose.

I have done a little bit of world building for this year’s NaNoWriMo, but nothing actually written down.  This is actually pretty much par for the course for how I approach my NaNoWriMos.  Most all of these projects tend to be a bit more organic in nature.  The best way to read that statement is that they tend to grow uncontrollably without any sort of structure.  It’s probably why the last one added several more encounters that I had not originally thought were going to be a part of the story.  Honestly, I probably put more thought into how I’m going to work in a mention of the romance novel Bedded By Her Lord more than anything else.  For the record, I have no idea how it’s getting into this year’s project yet.

This weekend is actually very busy.  I have my normal work shift Saturday, and I’m working on location for the MDA telethon, which is pretty much an all day event.  Hopefully I will be able to write down some ideas for November if and when I get some free time.

Update Friday, August 19th, 2011

I posted a couple more entries on my fiction blog, but did not do any work on the rewrite.  It was a late night at work, and I have another long day tomorrow, er, today, that being Friday.

I did manage to get an invitation to Google+, but I really have not had much time to check it out.  I’m sure once I do, I’ll post what I think here.

Writing Update – 8/17/2011

I actually got a another chapter written in my NaNoWriMo rewrite.  I’m a bit shocked by it myself.  Even more surprising is that it is almost the same page length as the original, which included a prologue (I dropped it for the rewrite).

I also posted another part on my fiction blog, making a grand total of six parts.  I also made it searchable for the first time (before you could only get to it through this site).

I still need to do a bit of world building for my 2011 NaNoWriMo.  And, really, by a bit, I mean I need to start.  Granted, in previous years I pretty much just started writing and hoped it was coherent.  This would probably explain why I don’t really have an end for the 2010 project (the one I’m rewriting).  If I can figure out how to work in by writing “in-joke” then I should be fine.

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