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Saturday Songs – February 1, 2014

You just might be wondering what does the rock band Queen have to do with the biggest football game of the year (which will go unmentioned because of copyright issues)?

It’s easy.  Besides recording a number of awesome albums, Queen is also behind the music for the 1980s movie Flash Gordon.  Sure, the movie is cheesier than a Velveeta factory, but the soundtrack is just… well, that damn cool.

So, again, how does Queen and the theme song to Flash Gordon tie into this Sunday’s big game?  In this version of the movie, Flash is the quarterback of the New York Jets, which currently play at Metlife Stadium, the site of this year’s big event.

Maybe that’s why the Jets did not make it this year; their quarterback was too busy fighting Ming the Merciless.

5 Good Songs with Bad Videos

The wonder of music is that the experience often goes beyond the auditory.  Listeners often will envision the song they are listening to in their own way.  Even with the creation of the music video, that experience still stands, though now, what we envision for a song may be drasticly different from what some random director decided what visuals should go with the song.

And, sadly, there are some great songs that are sidled with videos that are, well, crap.

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Ever Notice…

English: Queen performing in New Haven, CT.

English: Queen performing in New Haven, CT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever noticed that Queen‘s “We Are The Champions” is played for every winning sports team on television, movies, even in the stadiums?  It is used so much that it is becoming cliche to hear the song whenever anyone ever wins the big game.

Except, there really is not another song about winning that even comes close to working as well as this one.  So, it looks like we really have to accept the cliche.

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