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Quest To Play Them All

As you may have seen in previous posts, I have been on a quest to play the games I have in my collection that I have not yet played.  And, I have to admit, I have made great progress on this.  Currently, I have 58 games in my collection that I have not yet played and still want to play.  I add that caveat because there are a few games I have that I am pretty sure I will never play for one reason or another.  I’ve also made a conscious attempt to not add too many more games to my list of owned and unplayed, which is difficult since there are a lot of cool looking games out there that I do want to try.

As usual, there are a few games that I’m looking to try and get to the table sooner than others.  Some of these just look pretty cool.  Others are just easier to explain to other people, which makes it easier for me to get to the table as well.

Thus, there are five that I am looking to fast track to the game table and tick them off my list.

1) Kahuna – A two player area control game.  Two players compete against each other, playing cards to build bridges between the islands of a South Pacific archipelago.  Control the most bridges to the island, and control the island.  But, players can play cards to take away bridges.

2) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous – The newest of the Pathfinder adventure card games, and the newest game in my collection.  This one I have a better chance to get to the table since it can be played solo.

3) Sail To India – A small card game for three to four players.  The goal is to find the way to India while scoring gold and victory points along the way.

4) Carcassonne South Seas – This one looked more interesting to be than the original Carcassonne game (also unplayed in my collection, but not listed because of a missing tile).  This version adds in a trade feature that makes the game look more active than the original.  I want to bring this to the table once I read through the rules enough to feel comfortable teaching it.

5) We Didn’t Playtest This Either – It is hard to believe that there is a card game out there that is more chaotic than Fluxx, but there is the We Didn’t Playtest This series.  Games can literally be won or lost with the turn of one card.  So far, I have played the original and the themes version of this game, which leaves two left.  We Didn’t Playtest This Either is the easier to bring to the table since the other version takes on the Legacy aspects that are featured in Risk Legacy and the upcoming Pandemic Legacy.

Gaming Weekend Part 2

Gaming weekend continued into Labor Day with an early start.  Well, for me noon is early.

I started off joining in on a game of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  This game uses the Pathfinder role-playing game and converts it into a card based system that allows players to level up their chosen characters.  There are a number of expansions for the first game, Rise of the Runelords, and a second big box set, Skull & Shackles, was just released.

I played a wizard on this particular run through and, unfortunately, our party lost this scenario.

Next up I tried the new Legendary Encounters deck building game.  This game uses the same mechanism as Marvel Legendary with some tweaks to make it work for the Alien universe.  Two of us started simple, using the suggested set up for starting players.  This particular set up runs you through the first movie.  The game itself is quite brutal, and I was killed sometime just after we started on the third goal of the mission.  Luckily, the other player was able to hang on long enough to meet the last goal of the game and win.

After this, we moved onto Last Night On Earth, a humans versus zombies game.  I lost both times we played, the first playing as one of the humans, the second playing as one of the zombie controllers.

Finally, we wrapped up with Lords of Waterdeep.  This is a worker placement game based on the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms games.  I have to admit that I have seen this game played on TableTop, and was not all that thrilled by how it played.  But sometimes watching and playing are two different things.  And while I am not completely convinced I need this game in my collection, I do have to admit that some of the apprehension I had about this game watching it on Youtube has diminished some.  Winning the game did not hurt either.

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