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Contemplating a Shared World Project


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As regular readers may know, I have a couple of other blogs sites adjoined to this one.  One is storehouse of some of my half finished stories and such (which may or may not be merged into this site in some way, I have yet to decide).  The other was an attempt to create a blog-based fiction story which I never really felt all that comfortable with.  That probably has something to do with it being a zombie story, and it was devolving into everything I hate about zombie stories.

(Links to both sites are in my title bar under “MY OTHER BLOGS”)

That being said, I was considering the possibility of just trashing the zombie blog (merging it into the story storehouse) and recreating it as a shared world superhero blog, strictly for fun.  The first elements of this blog will probably be the rewrite elements of one of my NaNoWriMo projects, the (obviously) superhero one I have written about here as well.

I’m wondering a few things about this.  First, is there any real interest in such a site?  Secondly, is there any real interest in anyone other than myself contributing to this site?  If there is any interest, I can go over parameters of the “universe” this shared world would follow.

Please let me know if there is any interest, thank you.

Friday Writing Update – September 23, 2011

I have not really done any editing work on any of my old writing projects.  That even includes the one nove that I had started to edit before.  I have continued to brain storm for this year’s NaNoWriMo project, gathering more and more ideas that will undoubtedly find their way into this year’s project once November starts.

My fiction blog has pretty much fallen apart.  Reading through past posts on it, I realize that I began to fall into the same trap that bugs me about most “zombie” stories as I focus less on the characters and more on the zombies.  I also began to find the “blog entry” style format a bit limiting.  If I try again When I try again, I think that it will be a bit more conventional in format, and probably not a zombie story.  I’ll probably cross that bridge after November.  Maybe I’ll take one of my old NaNoWriMo projects and posts chapters of that on here.

Writing Update – September 3rd, 2011

I really have to admit that I have not done any work on the rewrite.  Not one bit.  I could argue that it’s been busy at work or that we had a hurricane hit, but that really isn’t the case.  I’ve just been slacking off.

I have posted a few entries on the fiction blog I’ve been working on, but I’ve been getting the feeling that it should be less blog entries and more actual prose.

I have done a little bit of world building for this year’s NaNoWriMo, but nothing actually written down.  This is actually pretty much par for the course for how I approach my NaNoWriMos.  Most all of these projects tend to be a bit more organic in nature.  The best way to read that statement is that they tend to grow uncontrollably without any sort of structure.  It’s probably why the last one added several more encounters that I had not originally thought were going to be a part of the story.  Honestly, I probably put more thought into how I’m going to work in a mention of the romance novel Bedded By Her Lord more than anything else.  For the record, I have no idea how it’s getting into this year’s project yet.

This weekend is actually very busy.  I have my normal work shift Saturday, and I’m working on location for the MDA telethon, which is pretty much an all day event.  Hopefully I will be able to write down some ideas for November if and when I get some free time.

Writing Update – August 21, 2011

Did not do much work on either the rewrite or the world building.  But then, world building for my stories is not really my thing.

I did post the 9th installment of my fiction blog, tentatively titled Coverage of the Dead.  I posted the link to that blog here, and it is on my side panel as well.

Writing Update – 8/17/2011

I actually got a another chapter written in my NaNoWriMo rewrite.  I’m a bit shocked by it myself.  Even more surprising is that it is almost the same page length as the original, which included a prologue (I dropped it for the rewrite).

I also posted another part on my fiction blog, making a grand total of six parts.  I also made it searchable for the first time (before you could only get to it through this site).

I still need to do a bit of world building for my 2011 NaNoWriMo.  And, really, by a bit, I mean I need to start.  Granted, in previous years I pretty much just started writing and hoped it was coherent.  This would probably explain why I don’t really have an end for the 2010 project (the one I’m rewriting).  If I can figure out how to work in by writing “in-joke” then I should be fine.

Writing Update – Monday/Tuesday

Nothing really to update with the rewrite or the world building for November.  But, I did post another part of the fiction blog.  You can click on the “Coverage Of The Dead” tab to get to that.

Writing Update

After taking a week or so to step back from the rewrite (mostly goofing off, partially added work loads), I think I’m about ready to actually begin the rewrite.  I think I am definitely going to go with the initial ambush I mentioned before since it will give some scope as to how powerful the main villain is.  I’ve also have added limitations in mind for a few of the characters (one character will be unfamiliar with his powers, another character who happens to be a power duplicator can only “store” five powers, and one of them keeps being a problem).

I’ve also begun formulating a side project which would be a blog style piece of fiction, though I am a bit unthrilled by the leading concept.  Hopefully it will gel better.

And, as always, I have begun collecting ideas for November’s National Novel Writing Month.  Hopefully whichever one I pick will be able to last for the 50,000 words that NaNoWriMo set as the minimum.

Up For Consideration

During the day, while I was avoiding the idea of editing anything I’ve worked on already, I thought of an idea.  The concept would basically be just a fun exercise to keep my mine working, creatively. It would basically require me to create a second blog and post fictional entries on it.

The concept would be the blog entries of an individual who loves in a world that’s undergoing a supernatural event.  Granted, the suspension of disbelief would be in the fact that if all Hell’s breaking loose, who exactly would take the time to post a blog about it.

What I can’t decide on is what the event in question should be.  I have a few ideas, but am not quite sure which would be the best one to pursue.

I could always do zombies, but then, just about everyone does zombies.  Even my third National Novel Writing Month project dealt with zombies.  But, it’s still in consideration because you can see how the situation gets worse and worse as the blog goes along.

Vampires and werewolves also crossed my mind, though I sort of moved them down on the potential scale.  It seems less likely that there would be a national situation involving either.  If I scale it down, there is still something there.

The idea I am leaning towards the most is a Godzilla/Cloverfield concept, since it seems that giant monster rampages are not highly represented in literature.  I also see an angle to such a story that would make a personal blog a little more acceptable.

I have eliminated alien invasion as a possibility.  The concept covers far too much of the world for me to want to tackle, even keeping it close.  But, spawning from the alien invasion idea is one of first contact.

Anyhow, does anyone know if something like this had been attempted before?  If it has, do you happen to remember a link so that I can check it out to see what others have done?

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