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International TableTop Day – Day Report

As anyone who has read my blog in the past few weeks, Saturday was International TableTop Day.  Across the world, people gathered to play board games, card games, and the like.  I went to my local game shop, The Time Machine/The Portal, to engage in a full day of gaming, though not as long as some people.

My day started at 10 am.  I say my day because the store was running a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity.  People had been playing at the store since midnight.  I had a game plan (sorry for the pun) in mind.  I had a few games that I wanted to try out, and a few that I brought along… just in case.  I actually got to two of the games, though not one of the ones I really wanted to try out.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Sentinels of the Multiverse

The first game up was Sentinels of the Multiverse.  Sentinels of the Multiverse is a card based cooperative role-playing game.  Players assume the roles of super heroes facing off against a villain.  To make things a bit more difficult, environment cards can help or hurt players.  We ended up playing two games, the first against one of the easier villains since we had two newbies playing (I was one of them).  We defeated the villain that game, as well as the villain of the second game when we added a fourth player and upped the ante with a stronger villain.

Ascension: Storm of Souls

Ascension: Storm of Souls

Next up was Ascension.  The store was running a tournament/raffle with the prize being a playmat.  Four of us ended up playing the Storm of Souls version of the game (the store had three versions set up for play).  I’ve mentioned Ascension before, but this was the first time I’ve played against other people (I usually play the app version), and the first time I played against three people (I usually play only two players).  I lost, but I got a couple of promotional cards for playing.

Next up was my participation in a Munchkin tournament.  This was presented my representatives of Steve Jackson Games, the publisher of the various Munchkin versions (and there are quite a lot).  I had never played the game before, though I knew of it.  Thankfully, everyone was quite understanding about the situation (though I’m sure that there were a large number of people who were playing various games for the first time).  I did not do well, but I at least got a lanyard out of it.

Dice Town was next on the agenda.  The game is a Western themed game where players roll dice to get the best poker based hand.  With their hand, players gain points through collecting gold nuggets, winning land, and drawing cards.  Even though I had never played before, I seemed to get the hang of it pretty fast, including using the sheriff’s ability to my advantage.  I ended up winning the game on land points.

The DC Comics Deck-Building Game followed Dice Town.  I had played the expansion before, but this was quite different.  It was the original game, along with expansions.  It was also played by six players.  This uber-match was followed by a second game of Ascension and two more promotional cards.

Resident Evil, the Deck-Building Game

Resident Evil, the Deck-Building Game

From here, I had my choice between sitting in on a game of Stone Age or playing Resident Evil… or at least the deck builder version of the famous video game.  I opted to play the deck builder thinking that it would play faster than Stone Age.  I happened to be wrong about that.  The two games started about the same time.  Yet, Resident Evil, a deck builder and, in theory, a faster game than the worker placement Stone Age, ran longer than the board game.

After we took a small break, we moved onto Lords of Vegas.  This game pits players against each other as they seek to develop the Los Vegas strip with casinos.  I held my own, but still ended up losing (though not in last place).  Still, it was quite fun trying to backstab the other players in trying to get control of their casinos.

The night (and day) wrapped up with a game of Hanabi.  This cooperative card game has players working together to build the best fireworks show.  The only thing is players cannot see their own hands.  They must reply entirely on the clues given to them by the other players.  Probably for the first time that day, I was not learning a new game, but teaching it.  I played with a man who bought it to play with his children (my opinion, I good pick for that).  We actually did pretty well with the clues and put together a decent fireworks show.

International TableTop Day Swag

International TableTop Day Swag

Throughout all of this, there was the usual things that are associated with an event like this.  New games were purchased to play.  Food was eaten.  And there was swag to pick up.  Promotional cards for Unspeakable Words, Fluxx, Geek Out!, a new cards for Gloom based off the Geek and Sundry personalities, a mail away offer for a new faction for Smash Up, and demo sized versions of the games Roll For It! and Labyrinth could be picked up by players.

It was a most enjoyable day… all fourteen hours of it.

5 Games I Want To Play On International TableTop Day

International TableTop Day is April 5th.  It is a day dedicated to playing board and card games.  And I actually asked for the day off from work so that I can attend one of the events locally.

Naturally, as a wannabe gamer, there are a whole slew of games that I want to try on this day to honor gaming.

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