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People You Meet At The Buffet – Interlude

Casino logo

Casino logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In past posts, we have looked at a number of different types of people who can be seen at the buffet.  At this point, it seems appropriate to actually take a look at one of the buffets.

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Mother’s Day 2012

I spent Mother’s Day with my family at Mohegan Sun, one of two casinos in Connecticut.  I’m not that much of a gambler, so it was for my mom, who enjoys playing the slots.  Personally, I prefer blackjack when the tables are inexpensive… which they weren’t today.  Regardless, we all managed to have fun.  Somehow, I even managed to leave with more money than I went with, which is unusual since I was only playing slots, and they have a tendency to treat money like the old Pac-Man arcade games.  Money goes in, money stays in.

In anything, I got some more ideas for my buffet blog posts, so it ended up being a idea-inspiring day.

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