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5 Games I Still Want To Buy… And Play

2014-02-26 00.52.59I have been building my game collection for the past year or so.  I have picked up card games and board games.  Some have been games that allow for solo play, others I’ve played with friends and in groups.  And some of them still wait for their turn to be played… whenever that may be.

In spite of everything I have picked up already, there are still some games that I want to buy for my collection with the intention of playing them at some point.

Here are five of them.

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Gaming Weekend

This been quite a weekend of games.  Let’s not waste any time getting into it.



Friday night began the gaming weekend with a quick game of Elder Sign.  From Fantasy Flight Games, Elder Sign is a small fast dice game based in the Lovecraftian mythos.  Players assume roles of investigators searching through a mysterious and sinister museum looking for the means of stopping the elder gods from returning.  Players roll dice trying to match the symbols on the adventure card to gain the rewards, or face the penalties if they fail.

Many of the same characters from Arkham Horror return in this game.  The game relies more on luck than on skill, but there still is a thrill when you manage to stop the elder god from arising.  I managed to succeed that night, though poor Amanda Sharpe went insane in the process.

Saturday night did not have any games played.  At least, not any of the usual games.  I’ve been working on a game of my own and have been play testing it to see what works and what doesn’t.  At the moment, it only exists as labels with playing cards in sleeves  When I have more, I will elaborate more about it.

Early Sunday (though, I guess you could argue that it was real late Saturday.. it really depends on how you look at it), I tackled another chapter in the Mice & Mystics game.  I discussed this last week, so I will not say much more other than it is still pretty fun to play.

Sunday was the usual X-Wing day.  I tried out a rebel squad and an Imperial squad and lost with both.  The Imperials fell to a squad of B-Wings.  They were slow, but they were heavily armored and had a lot of firepower… too much for my TIE fighters and Lambda shuttle.  The squad ended up getting broken down later.

The Rebel squad fared a little bit better, but got overwhelmed by superior numbers of TIE fighters.  Next week, there is an X-Wing tournament.  I am playing a variation of the rebel squad that I tried out Sunday.



After Sunday, I stuck around as a few other guys were trying out a new name, and soon ended up playing along with them.  The game, Machine of Death, was a role playing card game of sorts based on the books Machine of Death and This Is How You Die.  Players take the roles of assassins, sent out to take out targets whose death have been determined by the Machine of Death.  Using provided resources, the assassins must come up with a plan to take out their target.  Then, they have 90 seconds to complete the tasks through a series of dice rolls.  Succeed and move onto the next step; fail and resources change, and the assassins must come up with the new plan while the clock is ticking.

The plans were creative and many times absurd.  The means of death that completely pulled me in was formula.  That’s all the card said: formula.  The target ended up being killed by having a Formula 1 race fall on him.

This game is fiendish and sinister, but also a Hell of a lot of fun.  Collaborating on missions with other players stirred a lot of creativity, especially since there were a few times we needed to figure out how to kill someone with something seemingly innocuous.  I will definitely be looking for this game when it actually gets released.

You would think that after two hours of X-Wing and another 2 hours of Machine of Death, I would be gamed out, but no.  That night, I tried out one of my latest game acquisitions, Thunderstone Advance: Numenera.  This game takes the Thunderstone Advance mechanics and adds in elements from the role playing game by Monte Cook.  Numerera is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, where the players will face monsters and robots in pursuit of the Thunderstone.  As the game progresses, players can either bolster their decks by buying cards in the village, or by defeating monsters in the dungeon.  The players chances are hindered by darkness, which boosts the monsters strength.  But, the players do have the ability to level up their heroes, making them more powerful and better capable of standing against the monsters they face.



After losing to Numenera, I moved into Marvel Legendary.  Over the past couple of weeks, I managed to pick up the two available expansions to this card game, one oriented around the Fantastic Four, and the other bringing in more of the darker heroes of Marvel to the field.  I played against Kingpin and his henchmen with the powers of Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider and Nick Fury to call upon.  Things did not go well as I managed to burn through the villains deck without finally defeating the Kingpin or Jigsaw, who ended up with far too many hostages to save,

I completed my weekend by revisiting Numenera and Elder Sign again, though I added the expansion Unseen Forces to Elder Sign.  At least this time, Amanda Sharpe managed to leave with her sanity intact.

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