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100 Books in 366 Days – Cornered vs. Lemmed


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Anyone who has followed some of my past blog posts has heard me mentioned corner books.  A corner book is one that is so bad that you want to toss it into a corner and never have anything to do with again.  More or less, you do not care if you ever finish it, it is that bad.

Now, since I came up with that term, I had joined the Sword and Laser discussion group over at  To my surprise (well, not really), they had their own term for a book that cannot be finished.  They called it a Lemmed book, stemming from one of the moderator’s inability to finish through Stanislaw Lem’s Memoirs Found in a Bathtub.

You would think that the two terms would be synonymous.  I would argue that cornering a book is much worse than lemming one.

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