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Gaming Weekend

This weekend I took a break from the X-Wing action to join in some other board games.

First up was King of New YorkKing of New York is the follow up of the popular King of Tokyo by Iello Games.  Like King of Tokyo, players take on the roles of giant monsters fighting for territorial control., this time in New York.  King of New York adds to King of Tokyo by adding buildings to destroy and armed forced who will fight back.  I have played King of Tokyo a few times, and this was my first time with King of New York.  Naturally, I got knocked out first.

Next up was Dixit Odyssey.  This is a standalone expansion for Dixit.  One player says a word or phrase, the picks a card from his hand which be feels represents what the player said.  The other players all pick a card from their hand they feel best represents the clue.  The cards are then shuffled and revealed.  All the players (minus the clue giver) then vote on what they think is the card the clue giver picked.  Points are awarded based on who picks what card (if everyone picks the clue giver’s card, he loses points; if no one picks it, he also loses points).  In a sense, it is an artistic (and clean) version of Cards Against Humanity.

Two games of Pandemic: The Cure followed.  Just like Pandemic, players are in a race against time trying to find the cures for four different diseases.  However, Pandemic: The Cure is more streamlined (six regions of the world are infected rather than a tremendous amount of cities) as dice are used to find the cure while also leading us into potential doom.  We managed to win both games we played, which makes me think that this is a better game with four and five players than two or three.

Finally, the night wrapped up with Star Wars: Imperial Assault.  This is the latest game from Fantasy Flight Games using the Star Wars license.  This time as players take control of Imperial and Rebel forces, they are pitting ground troops against each other in a number of different scenarios.  In addition to the scenario based “dungeon crawl,” this game offers skirmish rules, allowing for continued player after you have completed the campaign.

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