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100 Books in 366 Days – Post Goal


Books (Photo credit: henry…)

Now that I’ve reached my goal of reading one hundred books in 366 days, I figured it was time to relax a bit.  I’m not going to stop reading, but now the count will be a bit different.

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100 Books in 366 Days – May Recap

English: Open book icon

English: Open book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a bit of trouble, May fell into line with the previous months.  I managed to read 17 books, bringing my grand total to 81 books.


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100 Books in 366 Days – Cornered vs. Lemmed


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Anyone who has followed some of my past blog posts has heard me mentioned corner books.  A corner book is one that is so bad that you want to toss it into a corner and never have anything to do with again.  More or less, you do not care if you ever finish it, it is that bad.

Now, since I came up with that term, I had joined the Sword and Laser discussion group over at  To my surprise (well, not really), they had their own term for a book that cannot be finished.  They called it a Lemmed book, stemming from one of the moderator’s inability to finish through Stanislaw Lem’s Memoirs Found in a Bathtub.

You would think that the two terms would be synonymous.  I would argue that cornering a book is much worse than lemming one.

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100 Books In 366 Days – A Quirk

A curious little thing happened tonight when I was doing a  little reading.  I was reading one book that lists as having 256 pages.  I stopped on page 48.  A little while later, I picked up another book that I have been intending to read.  I read that book for a bit, stopping on page 48.  It just so happens that lists that book as having 256 pages.

Two books, both 256 pages, and I stopped reading both at page 48.


100 Books in 366 Days – April Recap

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown...

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April astounded me this year.  Part of that came because of some real bizarre weather we had in the Northeast.  One week we had temps in the 90s, the next it was pouring and in the 50s.  And we even had a couple of frost advisories and a freeze warning as well.  Certainly not the typical weather for this month.

What also astounded me was the number of books I completed this past month.  April turned into my most productive reading month, with 18 books completed.  This was a significant jump from March’s 13, and puts me well ahead of pace for completing my 100 books in 366 days.  Also surprising is the number of books I actually liked a lot this month.

Asides from the book fest, I also joined the Sword & Laser community of, mostly after seeing the video version of their podcast on Youtube’s Geek & Sundry channel.  I might even make a stab at reading their May book of the month just to join in the discussion.


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