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5 Board Games I Have… But Never Played

Recently I watched an episode of Board Game Breakfast (part of The Dice Tower) that had at least two segments talking about board games that have never been played.  This, naturally, got me thinking.  In the short period of time that I have been collecting and playing board games, I have picked up quite a number of games.  And a lot of them, for various reasons, just have never been played.

And there are quite a few of them.

Some of them just take too long to bring out and set up.  Some of them take too long to play, or rather, more time than I can really dedicate to playing them.  Some of them need more than two people to play, which for me is sometimes difficult to gather.  And some of them I just have not made it through the rulebooks to feel comfortable bringing them into the play.

Now, there are certain caveats to this list.  I have not played my copy of Last Night on Earth, but I have played the game, so games like this I’m leaving off my list.  Others are expansions which I have not played (like Nightfall: Martial Law), so I would not count them, even if the expansion is standalone.

And really, this is a list that I can easily add more and more games to.

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5 Spaceships I’d Want To Pilot

If you’ve read my past posts, you know that I am not a big fan of flying.  In fact, I often say that if God had intended me to fly, I would have the most awesome set of wings.

That being said, there is still something about spaceships that capture my imagination.  While you cannot get me into the sky, I would love to fly through the stars.

The following is a list of ships that I would love to take me to the heavens.  Like most of my lists, it has the usual criteria (I had to have seen it in a movie/TV show, etc.)

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Shows I Gave a Second Chance To

We all have them.  Those shows that we didn’t watch the first time around, but now, for some odd reason, we love them now.  There have been a lot of different reasons why we never stuck with them, but we all have shows like these.

Fringe – For me, Fringe is a special case of second chance shows.  I really liked Fringe when I saw it the first time.  And, I really tried to keep up with it, which was not easy for me since I worked nights.  While I tried using Hulu and Fox’s sight to keep up with the show, it eventually fell by the wayside for me since the plotlines were very complex and often continued through multiple episodes.  The second chance for Fringe comes with DVD sets.  I have purchased Seasons 1 and 2 and have powered my way through both over the course of a week each.  Now I just await Season 3 to do the same.

FireflyFirefly failed to catch my interest the first time around mostly because of FOX, which decided to not broadcast the pilot first, but the second/third (depending on whether you consider the pilot one episode or two).  At that time, the series did not click for me.  it was not until the Sci-Fi Channel picked it up for syndication and aired them in the correct order than I really appreciated how good the series actually was.

EurekaEureka was a victim of my ill-conceived “Siffy” boycott (when I decided I was not going to watch the Sci-Fi Channel because the changed their name to Syfy).  I really liked Eureka, mostly because it was just the right amount of quirky to really draw me in.  I got pulled back in during the last season when a trip to the past altered the reality that was Eureka.

Doctor Who – Yes, surprisingly, Doctor Who is on this list.  Not the new series Doctor Who episodes, but the classic ones.  I started watching it when our local PBS station scheduled it in the afternoon.  I really liked it, and kept watching.  But then I ran into a problem, one called pledge break.  This particular pledge break lasted for the whole half hour that Doctor Who was supposed to be on.  And when the next day rolled around, I found out that the whole episode that was not aired for the pledge break was still not aired.  It kind of stunk to miss part 3 of a 4 part story.  After that, I just could not keep track of when it was on, or who was the Doctor (I was a kid, I didn’t know about the who regeneration thing until The Five Doctors aired).  Now, with the new series going strong, a lot of the older stories are finding their way to DVD, which has been a real boon to me.

Family Guy – I love Family Guy, except maybe those first episodes where the art was not quite right, and the stories were fairly mundane (much like the Simpsons).  However, I just don’t get the time to really sit down and watch it when it is first run.  For me, I usually catch up with it either on Hulu when I’m bored late at night (when Coast to Coast AM does not have anything interesting on) or when I just need a laugh.

How I Met Your Mother – Another show that I don’t really watch when it airs on CBS, but often end up watching it when it airs in syndication.  Unlike Two and a Half Men, which got tiring after the second or third viewing, How I Met Your Mother still remains watchable to me.

Psych – When I first watched Psych, I had a real problem with it.  it was not the whole concept of a really observant guy pretending to be a psychic, it was Shawn, the guy pretending to be a psychic.  In the early episodes, Shawn just always came across as unlikable, pretty much a major jackass.  And, unlike House, none of the other characters were likeable enough to counter the jackassery (if it isn’t a word, it should be) of the main character.  I have caught a few episodes since that first season and it seems that they’ve really toned Shawn down.  He’s still a jackass, but he isn’t that big of one.  I probably still won’t plan on watching an episode, but if one was on, I probably would not be searching for something else to watch.

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