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5 Good Songs with Bad Videos

The wonder of music is that the experience often goes beyond the auditory.  Listeners often will envision the song they are listening to in their own way.  Even with the creation of the music video, that experience still stands, though now, what we envision for a song may be drasticly different from what some random director decided what visuals should go with the song.

And, sadly, there are some great songs that are sidled with videos that are, well, crap.

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Saturday Songs – September 1, 2012

In the 1980s, MTV was still in its infancy… and still playing music videos.  Music videos, too, were in their infancy, a new medium for musicians to explore, mostly through band performance videos.

Then there was Duran Duran, and Hungry Like The Wolf.

Duran Duran had done videos before, even a video with director Russell (Highlander) Mulcahy.  But this video was something different.  It was not a band performance, not even a trippy band performance like Planet Earth.  It was almost like watching a mini-movie, helping to bring the medium of music videos to a new height, and raising the bar for future projects, at least until Michael Jackson’s Thriller hit the screens some two years later.

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