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NaNo Update and Gaming Weekend

Writing is still going.  I ended tonight with a word count of 31,155 words.  I could have gone further except that it was late and the next part was going to get a bit surreal.

Since I was a head of my word count, I decided to take a break today and try to get in a little gaming.  I did managed to try out the Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing game.  This game is similar to X-Wing, and more similar to Star Trek Attack Wing (As you can guess, Star Trek Attack Wing and D&D Attack Wing are both from Wizkids).  The big difference between the two Attack Wing games is that D&D incorporates ground combat in addition to aerial battles.  Since this was the first game we had actually played for D&D, we stuck with just pitting the dragons against each other.  In the end, my red dragon won the day, though the blue dragon I also controlled fell in battle.

I liked the game, and it is a welcome change from the dog fighting of X-Wing.  I definitely want to try out the ground combat part of the game as well, and I will be reading up on how that comes into play real soon.

Picks of the Week – October 29, 2014

Halloween is almost here and National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, this week’s comic pull was pretty sparse.  But I did manage to pick of the new Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing starter.  When I get a chance to check it out, I’ll post my opinions of it here.

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