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iPod Resurrected

A few months ago, my old iPod took an accidental sink bath, seemingly ending its life forever.

oldipodWell, the above picture is of that iPod.  It was not taken before it took the sink bath.  It was taken early Tuesday morning after I plugged it in on a lark to see what, if anything, would happen.

The last time I even looked at this thing, the screen was dark and it would not even acknowledge that it ever had a battery charge, or any function whatsoever.  And I did nothing to it.  I did not put it in rice to dry it out.  I didn’t even keep it in a dry place to dry it out.  Heck, I left it in a damp basement.

Now, I am not an Apple snob.  I prefer PC’s over Macs, and Android over iOS (especially iOS7).  But, I have to give Apple credit for building a device that is sturdy enough to endure what this particular iPod went through.

That being said, iOS7 is not going anywhere near this newly resurrected iPod.

More Thoughts on iOS7

Friday, I had a brief mention of iOS7.  Now that I’ve had a chance to check it out a little bit further, I had a few observations.

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Friday Finds – Random Findings

Just a few random findings.

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iPod… R.I.P.

Monday night my iPod took a dip in the sink, which you all probably have figured out, is not good for an iPod.

Naturally, I did what anyone in my position would have done.  I went out and bought myself a $13 travel alarm clock.

That will teach me to be more careful with my stuff.

Women Rock Playlist – Addenda

A while ago, I posted my Women Rock playlist.  Since then, I have found a few more in my collection that definitely would fall on this playlist, as well as a few suggestions from readers.

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