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Book Review – Beyond Dinocalypse

Beyond Dinocalypse (Dinocalypse Trilogy, #2)Beyond Dinocalypse by Chuck Wendig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When last we left our intrepid adventurers the Centurions, they were tumbling through time. Beyond Dinocalypse picks up the story shortly after the first book of the series Dinocalypse Now. Our heroes, Jet, Amelia, Benjamin, Atok and Khan find themselves some years in the future, one dominated by dinosaurs.

This book picks up the adventure at the same pace at the first book. The time lost heroes are reunited with old allies, long since changed by the nightmare world they live in. The book leaves our heroes struggling with helping the people now, or trying to find a way of going back and fixing the world before it goes to Hell.

Like the first book, this one is a fast read that any fan of the classic pulp heroes will love. The story twists and turns as the heroes struggle to find their place in the new world.

Also featured in this book is the short story Truth and Illusion, which focuses on another Centurion and his role in things, both in the past and in the nightmare of a future.

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Book Review – Dinocalypse Now

Dinocalypse Now (Dinocalypse Trilogy, #1)Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is perfect for fans of the pulp heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow, and the Green Hornet, along with contemporary heroes like Indiana Jones and the Rocketeer.

The world of the 1930s is being invaded by dinosaurs, and the only ones who can defend it are the Century Club, a global group of stalwart adventurers. The action is fast paced as we travel of the globe with our heroes as they face everything from dinosaurs to talking apes to unscrupulous treasure seekers. It is a fun read that pulls you in from page one and does not let up.

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