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Saturday Songs – December 6, 2014

This is the closest I will probably come to listening to Christmas music this year.

Saturday Songs – December 8, 2012

You may or may not have noticed, but I am not exactly one who is filled with Christmas Cheer.  in fact, my Christmas Cheer levels sits somewhere around 1%, and that’s mostly because my Christmas Cheer gauge doesn’t measure fractions of percents.

I also get bugged by Christmas music, especially when it’s playing in early November.  Around the 25 of December, I can tolerate it.  Otherwise, unless it’s ripping on Christmas (like 12 Pains of Christmas), or is associated with another holiday (like Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a combination of Christmas and Halloween), I really don’t want to hear it.

There is one exception.  or rather, there is one band who is the exception.  Trans Siberian Orchestra is not your typical Christmas music.  It’s actually good.  I will often make exceptions for TSO during the holidays, mostly because while they do play some traditional Christmas songs, they usually play them with a unique twist that makes them listenable.

So, This year, I think I will pass on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (which has a horrible message of bullying and using freaks anyway) and throw in Christmas Eve and Other Stories instead.  And if you get the chance, see them in concert as well, they are really good.

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