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In an effort to get my other works out there, I pose to you the last paragraphs of my 2012 NaNoWriMo, which should show why it took me four extra days to actually write the end of the book.

NOTE:  There are references in it that will make no sense when reading just the ending, but it comes together if you read the whole thing (if I don’t rewrite it into oblivion).

In the years that followed, new shield dancers and song warriors were born.  They grew up, learning the legends of their kind.  They heard the stories of Kendra and Finley, of Sheena and Thomas.  And they grew up with the greatest legend of them all, that of Ariel and Curran Kestrel, the saviors of the shield dancers and the song warriors.


Book Review

Writing Your Way: Creating a Writing Process That Works for YouWriting Your Way: Creating a Writing Process That Works for You by Don Fry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is a lot of valuable information in this book. Unfortunately, I did not really see how a lot of it applied to me. The main focus of the book appears to be on improving writing for people who write articles, biographies, interviews, and the like. None of it, while practical, felt like it could be applied to fiction writing, at least, that’s what I thought.

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Writing Update

After taking a week or so to step back from the rewrite (mostly goofing off, partially added work loads), I think I’m about ready to actually begin the rewrite.  I think I am definitely going to go with the initial ambush I mentioned before since it will give some scope as to how powerful the main villain is.  I’ve also have added limitations in mind for a few of the characters (one character will be unfamiliar with his powers, another character who happens to be a power duplicator can only “store” five powers, and one of them keeps being a problem).

I’ve also begun formulating a side project which would be a blog style piece of fiction, though I am a bit unthrilled by the leading concept.  Hopefully it will gel better.

And, as always, I have begun collecting ideas for November’s National Novel Writing Month.  Hopefully whichever one I pick will be able to last for the 50,000 words that NaNoWriMo set as the minimum.

Posting Less

Not that anyone would notice, considering how often I post, but I will most likely be posting even less for the next month. I am participating in the National Novel Writing Month. The event is where writers attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I figured that I’d give it a try, guessing that maybe a hard deadline will actually get me to write – and finish – something.

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