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A while ago, I mentioned I was not big on landmarks.  That was not exactly true.  There was one landmark that I was looking forward to, and this post represents that landmark.

With this, I now post my 1,000 blog entry.  This I feel is quite an achievement.

first blogThis post began in 2004.  While it was still called My Two Cents, it was a Blogspot blog.  I was new to the concept of blogging, and I thought I would give it a chance.  My first post was nothing short of… mundane.  Granted, it was not as mundane as some tweets that go out, but it was fairly ordinary.  That was posted in October.  The next post I would make would be in March of the next year, and that was mostly just an update on how things were in my life at that time.  Posts on the Blogspot version were sporadic, but still much in line with what the blog is now: a lot of pop culture.  The Blogspot version also marks the start of my involvement in the National Novel Writing Month with a simple posts announcing I would be posting less while I began NaNoWriMo.  That was October 31, 2007.  The only month in which I actually posted on every day of the month was October of 2009.  Every one of those posts was a random quote from various media sources that I thought was cool.  It really was the only time that the Quote of the Day was actually a Quote of the Day for the month.

first wordpressI switched over to WordPress between May and June of 2011, mostly because of an error which prevented me from posting on my original blog.  It was a temporary glitch, but it was enough to make me took to switch.  That switch became permanent because WordPress just felt so much easier to use.  The first post that can be traced to this site was also a simple one, just a test of the ability to post from my cell phone.  Posts on this blog became more frequent, eventually to the point where I was posting at least one post a day.  With the WordPress blog, I began to toy with running segments.  Friday Finds came and went (and maybe should come again… hmmm).  Picks of the Week started early in this version.

Eventually, I imported the Blogspot version into the WordPress version, making the two blogs into one.  Some of the non-duplicated Tumblr entries soon followed.  Thus, my 1,000 posts truly represents my blogging history across three platforms.  I toyed with other blogs along the way, but this one remained constant.

So, what’s in store for the next 1,000 posts?  I’ll still make my Picks of the Week, still posts Saturday Songs, and maybe look into revitalizing some of my older blog concepts.


Blog Update – September 26, 2011

Unofficially, I have ended the zombie blog Coverage of the Dead, but I don’t think it will be shut down permanently.  I may use what I have written as a first draft and rework it.

I have created a new blog called (for the moment) My Writer’s Block.  For the moment, I’ll start posting some of the writing projects I have started and not finished, along with some of the short stories I have written over the years (when I can find them all).  At the moment, I have one short story and one chapter of a longer piece posted.  Once I begin to rewrite the zombie blog, I will most likely post it on this blog and shut down the other blog permanently.

I will still maintain this blog for my usual rants, observations, and updates.

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