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On Dragons and Starfighters

As many of you know, I have been quite the Star Wars X-Wing player for a while now.  I have a number of squads created and prepared to bring to the table.  But, lately, I just have not been all that into playing it.

Part of it is just burn out.  For probably a year or so, I have been playing X-wing on Sundays, which is convenient for me because that and Monday are the days I have off during the week.  Even not playing a few Sundays for holidays or because I was called into work, that’s quite a few Sundays.  And while I have played many different squads, the battles are usually the same: straight on dogfights to the last ship.  Even varying what squad I play, or even what faction, it is the same thing over and over.

It did not help that store tournaments got moved to a day I can’t participate in either.  Not that I really competed in them.  Usually, I would lose those, mostly because it was a straight up dog fight and I would end up out flown and out gunned.


The big reason why I have not been getting into the X-Wing games lately is that I’ve started up with the Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing games.  The two games have their similarities, but lately I have been liking the DnD Attack Wing stuff so much more.  There is a mix of ground and flying creatures that adds in an aspect that X-Wing just does not have.  And, while the price point for the Attack Wing minis is roughly about the same as the X-Wing minis, I do not feel the need to buy six Sun Elf Wizards to make a good squad, where I had to buy multiple TIE Fighters just to make a competitive squad.

Even the tournaments are different, and better.  X-wing has you build a 100 point squad that is either Imperial or Rebel (or Scum, now that that faction is out).  Attack Wing has you build a 90 point squad, with an additional 30 points coming from a blind booster.  So, even when you don’t win a DnD tournament, you are still getting a figure that is not out on the market yet, along with the various spell cards that come with that figure.  The DnD tournaments are also set up around scenarios.  You are not just destroying your opponent, but trying to complete a mission that is different for each tournament.

Even the prizes are different… and better.  First place for the last X-Wing tournament I played in was a plaque.  Nice, sure, but it’s just a plaque.  First place for the DnD tournament was a dragon, one that can be used in future games and tournaments.  Even second place was better than the “medal” that they have for the X-Wing tournaments: it’s another dragon.

So, I see myself potentially drifting away from X-Wing and more towards Attack Wing unless something really cool comes out.  At this point, I really am not sure what that really would be.

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