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5 Things I Keep With Me For My Writing

English: penulis = writer

English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any writer will tell you that inspiration can strike anywhere at any time.  Naturally, most writers will make sure that they are ready for these ideas whenever they may strike.

For me, there are 5 things I always keep with me to further my writing.

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A Day At The Movies

Football (soccer) fans watching an England mat...

Football (soccer) fans watching an England match in a cinema, UK. Screen is displaying an HD-1 picture. Deutsch: Fußballfans sehen ein Englandspiel im Kino, Vereinigtes Königreich. Bild auf Leinwand von HDTV-Übertragung durch HD-1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dad wants to see The Hunger Games with me.  This does not have me happy.

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National Novel Writing Month – Common Problems And How I Faced Them

So you have decided to take part in the National Novel Writing Month event this November.  Great!  I wish you the best of luck, and hope you do not have to resort to using the full title of several books to bulk up your word count.

However, some of you who may be considering NaNoWriMo may be a bit hesitant to try.  You are wondering if you have what it takes.  You have other concerns about your stories and your characters.  That’s normal, everyone had them.  Even I did.  And it is quite possible to overcome every one of these concerns and complete your NaNoWriMo project.

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National Novel Writing Month – Tips That Have Helped Me

NaNoWriMo 2010

Image by Lindalawen via Flickr

November is National Novel Writing Month, when participants across the world will be challenging themselves to write like they have never wrote before.  During the month of November, participating writers will attempt to write at least a 50,000 word novel.  One month, 30 days, and 50,000 words… at least.

I have competed in NaNoWriMo the last four years, and planning on competing this year as well.  In each year, I have managed to finish the project, usually just making past the 50,000 word limit, and usually before the November 30th deadline.  Granted, I have had to do a few tricks to make it to the 50,000 word limit.

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Blog Update – September 26, 2011

Unofficially, I have ended the zombie blog Coverage of the Dead, but I don’t think it will be shut down permanently.  I may use what I have written as a first draft and rework it.

I have created a new blog called (for the moment) My Writer’s Block.  For the moment, I’ll start posting some of the writing projects I have started and not finished, along with some of the short stories I have written over the years (when I can find them all).  At the moment, I have one short story and one chapter of a longer piece posted.  Once I begin to rewrite the zombie blog, I will most likely post it on this blog and shut down the other blog permanently.

I will still maintain this blog for my usual rants, observations, and updates.

Blog Update – September 25, 2011

This really isn’t about this blog, but my alternate blog, the fiction piece.  Reading it over, I’m just not feeling it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I think it’s falling into the same pitfalls that have plagued other bad zombie lit (all zombies, to characters), or I’m just getting burned out on the whole zombie concept, at least, the whole flesh-eating reanimated dead zombie concepts.  I still don’t count by upcoming piece as zombie lit because the “zombies” in it are neither traditional zombies or the Romero style ghoulish zombies, but just mind controlled people.

Anyway, I’m thinking I may scrap the zombie blog (I backed it up… just in case) for something else.  I attempted a superhero fiction blog a couple of times before, but I was not really thrilled with how it was turning out, either.  The idea of a superhero oriented blog is still a possibility, though I may want to try out a different take on it.  Maybe entry style again, or something a bit more conventional.  As for characters, I have a gigantic supply of them (I tend to create characters… a lot).  I could also attempt something different with the blog, possibly just using it as an exercise piece for various writing prompts I pick up here and there (I have a few books of writing prompts that I can draw on).

If I decide to make it more just about writing than about anything else, I will probably post less in an effort to make what I do post more worth while (except in November, which I would probably not post as well).  I would probably also vary the genres as well, just to keep things interesting.  I may even find some of my older works, and fragments of works and post them on it as well.  I have managed to keep most of them around… somewhere.  I’m just not sure about the scripts.

Of course, I am always open to suggestions.

If you pay me enough, I'll sing these songs at a karaoke bar

There are probably a few songs that the right person could convince me to sing at a karaoke bar (who those right people are is the subject of another blog). But these are the three that I would pick from first.

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Writing Update – September 17, 2011

Apparently, I really hate the whole editing and rewriting process.  I have not done anything by way of work on the one previous NaNoWriMo project I was looking to work on.

The blog has also fallen by the wayside, too.  Even trying to take a different take on zombies, I’m getting a little zombied out.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, we are less than two months away from November 1st and the start of this year’s National Novel Writing Month.  Surprisingly, I am still gathering ideas for this year’s project.  The latest idea I had was that our main character was a target rather than a random happenstance victim of circumstance.  Of course, the next thing I need to figure out is why someone would target a pop culture geek who happens to be a LARPer as well.  Given the whole nature of this one idea, I doubt that I will attempt to get it published.  Maybe I’ll post parts of it as a blog after November.  I also had a minor setback with the idea.  The concept for the decoder ring was that it was in a box of old cereal called Crispie-O’s.  It turns out that there is a Crispy-O’s that’s still being made.  I have no problem using a real cereal.  But, the idea I had was that this particular cereal was at least fifteen years old and no longer made.  I may have to find a new cereal name.  Anyone know if Quisps are still being made?  Nevermind, I just looked it up, it is.  I think I may use Freakies, which was discontinued in the 1970s or the 1980s (a comeback was attempted).

This will be my fifth National Novel Writing Month.  The four previous years, I did manage to make the 50,000 word count, though there was a lot of futzing to get there.  It probably would help if the auto-numbered chapters in Movie Magic Screenwriter would actually transpose the full chapter number (previous years, each chapter came up as “Chapter” instead of “Chapter Twenty-Three” once I copied it to the verifier).

Looking to Populate An Archive

Here’s the story (well, not all of it).  My idea for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) centers around a storehouse for objects that do more than they really should.  The only catch to this is that the objects are basicly crappy plastic items, toys and items that don’t have any real significant extra value (example:  a pocker chip that bestows good luck, but only when it is part of the bet, and can fail at any time).  Not all of these items are going to figure prominently, but I would like to include them for color (and added word count).

What are some of the cheap plastic freebie items out there that would work well in this type of setting?

Writing Update – September 6, 2011

Still no work on the rewrite.  It seems that my least favorite thing to do it to actually work on editing and rewriting things I have already written.

Even with working on the MDA telethon Sunday, I was able to get some world building done on this year’s NaNoWriMo, mostly because I always carry a notebook with me.  Granted, it is not much, but it is the brief description of four of the main characters, and some of the concepts for the book.  When I transposed them into OneNote 2010 (since I have an app for that on my iPod), I added in a rough idea of a villain and some more concepts.  More ideas pop in my head the more I think about it.  And with each new idea, it is very much apparent that this one will undoubtedly be pretty much a vanity peace since it is borrowing so much from a lot of different pop culture sources.  Heck, one of these ideas even includes two of the characters visiting an actual author because of an item in one of his book series.

I have also posted a couple more entries on my Coverage of the Dead fiction blog.  I still get the feeling from this that it isn’t quite working the way I was hoping it would, but I am committed to at least seeing this through a bit more to see if I’m right or wrong.

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