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Quote of the Day – April 2, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin (film)

The Adventures of Tintin (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Failed. There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure. A fool. A loser. A hopeless souse. Don’t you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal, that is what people pick up. Don’t you understand? You care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it. There’s something you need to know about failure, Tintin. You can never let it defeat you.

Captain Haddock (voiced by Andy Serkis)

The Adventures of Tintin

Pushed To The Top

Cover of the 2009 expanded edition, ISBN 978-1...

Cover of the 2009 expanded edition, ISBN 978-1-4215-2772-3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After seeing the movie Battle RoyaleI became curious about the story.

As it happened, I lucked out.  Now my latest book acquisition has pushed itself to the top of my to read list.

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More Fun Than They Should Have Been

film India

film India (Photo credit: doc(q)man)

Ever come across a movie that you know is not that you should not think is all that great, but you can’t help but to enjoy?  I seem to thrive on those movies.

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