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All the stuff I played with as a child, and some of the stuff I wish they had when I was a child

Memory Lane

And It Was Played…


EGD2-Gloom (Photo credit: heath_bar)

I have finally had a chance to play Gloom.  And, though I lost (came in third, to be exact), I had fun playing it.


Helpful hint:  Do not hold back on the storytelling.  This is what makes the game.


New Nerf Guns


2013-08-18 01.31.45

This is the new Nerf Hammershot pistol.  It is a part of Nerf’s new Zombie Strike line.  This particular one was purchased at Target.

Now, you may think that, beyond the stylization, this is the same as any other Nerf gun on the market, just with a different brand and paint job.  But, it isn’t.

2013-08-18 01.27.46

You see, most Nerf pistols, like the Firestrike on the right, have a pull back cocking mechanism to ready the Nerf gun for firing.  In every case, this requires two hands to ready the gun for use.

The Hammershot, however, is prepped by pulling back the orange lock on the top of the gun.  This can be done by pulling it back with your thumb of the hand holding the gun.

In case you don’t realize what I’m saying, this Nerf gun can be readied for use with one hand.  Which also means you can use two Hammershot pistols at the same time.

Now, the one limitation to this pistol is that it only holds five darts.  But then, you can hold one in each hand for a total of ten darts.

Needless to say, I just had to have one… and I may need a second one, too.



5 Lost Toys

Everyone thinks about their childhood every once in a while.  It is only natural.  And for many of us, like me, that childhood is defined by the toys we had as a child.

Now, granted, at 42 years old (rounding up to the nearest Douglas Adams inspired number), the toys today seem to blow out the toys of the past.

Well, not really.  There are a few that I still remember from my youth

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5 Game I’d Love To Play

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For a while now, I have been watching Wil Wheaton’s web series TableTop which has introduced me to many games which I have only really seen on the shelves of stores and book stores.  And since watching this series, I have been wanting to play a number of these games.

Just one problem, I don’t have a lot of friends who play games.  Okay, two problems, I also don’t have a lot of free time to play many of these games.

Still, there are a number of these games that I really would like to try out, even if it is only once.

And, for the sake of clarification, there are a few exceptions.  I have played Zombie Dice, so I’m omitting that.  I have also played Fluxx and Ticket to Ride, though both of those were through apps that I have for my iPod.

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Top 5 Giant Robots

One of the coolest things for Sci-Fi fans is the giant robot.  Whether it is a sentient being like with the Transformers, or basically a 80 foot battle suit, Sci-Fi fans are drawn to them, in anime, in comics, in toys, and at the movies.

Here are my top five favorite giant robots.

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Photo Fun – Pacific Rim

Joe Colton Figure



I picked up a Joe Colton figure from the new G.i. Joe movie toy collection.  For those who don’t know, Colton is being played by Bruce Willis.  Looking at the figure, I could think only one thing.

This would make a great John McClane mod!

5 Licenses Lego Should Pursue

LEGO logo

LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lego is the building brick powerhouse of the toy world.  On top of that, it has also secured a number of product licenses, from DC Heroes to Pirates of the Caribbean.  It seemed only fitting that they would happen to pick up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

Seeing this, I realize that there are a whole slew of licenses that Lego could go after, licenses that are perfect for Lego.

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G.I. Joe Invades The Workplace

introducing joe fort ...

introducing joe fort … (Photo credit: lamont_cranston)

No, this is not the plot of the next G.I. Joe movie (coming soon… maybe… I don’t know anymore).  I thought it might be interesting to imagine what a G.I. Joe line (the real 12 inch Joes, not the little ones, and certainly not those goofy Sigma Six Joes) based on my place of work would be like.

For the record, I work at a local television station.  Pondering this, I actually realized that there is quite some potential here for a toy line.

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