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Sometimes a visual aid helps

Photo Fun – Pacific Rim

Snowmaggedon – Day 4



I managed to make it home after three days being away from home.  The roads have gotten better, but they were is still a lot of snow to deal with in the state.  Even in our driveway there is still a lot of snow to deal with.

I won’t even mention the mailbox… or what’s left of it after the plows came through.

Snowmaggedon – Day 3


Day 3 finds me at a hotel again, trapped by the Blizzard one more day.
The picture was taken by my dad, showing exactly how bad it is out there.  If you were wondering, our road has not been plowed yet (par for the course, sadly).
It is still pretty trecherous out there, even where the plows have managed to get through.  There is a lot of ice out there,making it pretty slippery even on foot.  I still ache from the two falls I had earlier.
Hopefully, the plows will have gone through my neighborhood by Sunday.  Even if they do, I still will have to clear a couple of feet of snow before I can get into my driveway.
I’m not looking forward to that,either.

Snowmageddon – Day 2


It’s 3am, and I should be asleep.  But I just can’t unset myself off a late night mentality.
The blizzard has also got me snowbound in town, so I’m sleeping at a hotel instead of my familiar bed.  That’s not helping things.
Also, it is still snowing like crazy outside.  This is going to be some mess.

Snowmaggedon pics – part 1


Taken at about 6pm Friday. They say the worst is still to come.

Sunday at the Air Museum – The Gallery

Cell Phone Pics

It’s when I see pictures like this from my cell phone that I wish I had a cell phone with a better camera, or an actual new digital camera.

This is not me asking for a digital camera for Christmas.  Everyone knows how I feel about Christmas, so we are not going there.

Early Morning Work


In a couple of hours, this street will be filled with runners for the Manchester Road Race.

More Pictures

Werewolf Pics

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