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5 Reasons Why I’m Told I Still Need Facebook

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Currently, I am on day 3 of a Facebook fast and really not having any issues avoiding it.  But, I have been told that there are some circumstances where I might actually need to keep a Facebook account.  So, to be fair, I am willing to list five possible reasons why I would have to keep Facebook (along with any commentary why I wouldn’t).

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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Need Facebook

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We are officially in Day 1 of a Facebook fast.  No checking Facebook at home, at work, on the phone (even if my phone won’t let me delete it).

Naturally, I spent a moment reflecting on all the time I’ve wasted on Facebook and realized I really don’t need it for five very good reasons.

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To Deactivate or Not To Deactivate

We’re down to this.  Facebook links have been deleted, apps uninstalled, and homepages reset to not go to Facebook.

But should I just deactivate the account entirely, or keep it?


Finished with Facebook

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I can’t say that I have not seen this happening for a while.  My presence on Facebook has been pretty much shut down before today.  Just about everything I have on their is only visible to me.  I also turned off the search option, so my account is not searchable.  If anything, my Facebook friends list has gone down, especially since I have not added anyone in months.

The latest has been my fight with Facebook over how I display my homepage.  I prefer to read the most recent items first.  Facebook, however, kept changing the list to top stories.  I would set it to most recent, and Facebook would change it back.

It ended up being the last straw.  I have not deactivated my account… yet.  But I have deleted links and apps.  At least most of them.  It seems I cannot delete the Facebook app off my Android phone.

I might someday return to Facebook, though, I think that at this point, if I return, it will be to finally deactivate my account.

Unfriending and Deactivating

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The other day, I had to unfriend someone on Facebook.  For most people that happens all the time.


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An Explanation Please

Marvel: Avengers Assemble Bonuses – Updated

The "Heroic Age" roster of the Aveng...

The “Heroic Age” roster of the Avengers. Cover art for Avengers vol. 4, #12.1, by Bryan Hitch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of the bonuses in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.  Since then, I have found a few new ones.  This list is nowhere near complete, so if you stumbled across one, let me know and I’ll throw it on the list.

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Avengers Assemble Bonuses

Cover art for Avengers (vol. 3) #1. Art by Geo...

Cover art for Avengers (vol. 3) #1. Art by George Pérez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m working on assembling (pardon the pun) a list of the bonuses in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

At the moment, I have come across the following:

  • Fantastic – Fantastic Four members
  • Assemble – Avengers members
  • X-Force – X-Men members (revised: it appears this bonus works for all mutants since I received it with a Wolverine/Scarlet Witch combo)
  • Asgardians – Thor and Sif
  • Tossers – Heroes who throw things
  • Sibling Rivalry – Invisible Woman and Human Torch
  • Eggheads – Using Genius level heroes (example: Hulk and Mr. Fantastic)
  • Defenders – Members of the Defenders super-team (example: Hulk and Doctor Strange)
  • Quartermaster – Using a lot of items in a battle

Players, are there any others that you have stumbled across while gaming?

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Question

solicited cover

solicited cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there a complete list of the bonus combinations available in Avengers Alliance?  I have run across Green Giants (Hulk/She-Hulk), tossers (which sounds bad, but is just characters who throw things), X-Force (X-Men characters) and one other who’s name I’m blanking on.

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