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From the phone and on the road… well, not literally

Dear Private Number

Dear “Private Number”
I want to thank you for calling my cell phone this morning. I’m sorry I could not answer since I was otherwise occupied. I would return your call, but you left no message and since you’re showing up as “private number” I have no means of reaching you.
Which leave me to wonder, was your call really all that important?

Strange Phone Call

Cell phone Sagem my202X ubt

Cell phone Sagem my202X ubt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday, I received a strange phone message on my cell phone.  This is not one of the usual strange calls I used to get back when I first got the cell phone.  At that time, I found out that the number they gave me had formerly been the number for a quite popular girl.  Furthermore, said quite popular girl seemingly forgot to tell all her friends that she got a new number.  Either that or all her friends absent mindedly forgot to update their contacts when she gave them the new number.

No, this one was actually directed toward me.

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Question for Sprint Users

English: Sprint Nextel logo

English: Sprint Nextel logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a question for Sprint users… well, several questions, accidentally.

As those of you who follow my blog may know, Verizon (my current cell phone service provider) is dropping the unlimited data plan for those who were grandfathered in (like me).  Whether or not that is if we upgrade to a 4G phone or keep our old 3G phones is still unknown (one source says yes, one says no, one says yet but, and so on).  So, I am looking to move over to Sprint.  Thus, the questions.

How is the service with Sprint?  I would like to especially hear from people in the Northeast/Connecticut area.  Is the service comparable to Verizon?  Is the customer service good?


Cell Phone Poll

Cell Phone – Do I really Need It?

Image representing Verizon as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase


I have a Verizon cell phone.  I got my latest contract just before they got rid of the unlimited data plan option, so I was grandfathered in.


Well, I thought I was.


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St. Patrick’s Day Parades


Day 3 – New Haven

St. Patrick’s Day Parades


Day 2 – The Hartford Parade, early morning set-up.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades Coverage


Day 1 – set up

New Remake of King Kong changes Ending


Early Morning Work


In a couple of hours, this street will be filled with runners for the Manchester Road Race.

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