Game Accessories I’d Like To See

I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything.  This is mostly because I’ve just not had anything to discuss.

At least, I didn’t until today.  Naturally, it’s all game related.

Going over some of my games, I realize that there are some accessories that I really wish I had for them.  It’s not a big list, but it’s one that has been slowly growing out of frustration with some of the games.

Marvel Legendary Big Box

I have had a few gripes about the Legendary games since I’ve picked up the games.  Surprisingly, none of those gripes are about the gameplay itself.  I like Marvel Legendary, and I like Legendary Encounters, I just really hate how they sort and pack the cards (I’ve seen, and experienced, by own horror stories about spending an hour to just make sure you have all the cards).

This particular gripe, however, is with storage.  Since Marvel Legendary, Upper Deck has switched to a longer rectangular box over the square box of the original game.  These boxes do have room for expansions, but mostly seem to be adopted because they started using a rubber (neoprene… whatever) mat instead of the heavy board that the original game had.  There is no room in the box for the older board, and the “divider” where the mat is stored is not secured in the box, which means there is a lot of movement in the box.  Broken Token makes an insert for these longer boxes, but there could be a better solution.

AEG released an accessory for Smash Up called the Big Geeky Box.  This box is a large sturdy box with a central divider that can hold the base game and all the expansions (and future expansions).  Also included in this set are some really nice dividers for the various factions.  Since the release of the Big Geeky Box, expansions for Smash Up has included dividers that match the ones in the box.

With several expansions for Marvel Legendary out there (not including Villains, which is practically its own game, and Fear Itself, which is more an expansion for Villains that the original game), the main box is looking a little crowded.  Even with a Broken Token insert, I get the feeling that once more large box expansion will push the game out of that original box.  Thus, it would be really cool to get a nice Big Geeky Box style storage box for Legendary with dividers designed for the various different factions in the box.  Heck, I would be happy with just the ones that originally came with the box since Upper Deck doesn’t seem to think that with all the expansions coming out that we will need dividers for them.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Big Box

Sentinels of the Multiverse has had multiple expansions, so many, in fact, that it has grown beyond the capacity of the original box to hold everything.  Currently, I have it divided into two of the larger boxes, but that means I have to lug around two boxes of cards.  A decent storage box for everything two date (and maybe more) would be cool.  And, a token box for all the various items that come with the game would be cool as well.

End of the World RPG Accessories

Lately, I’ve been toying around with The End of the World RPG series from Fantasy Flight Games.  The RG uses a simple system that allows the players to assume the roles of, well, themselves, in the face of the apocalypse.  The system is easy to teach, and the scenarios in the books (two already released, with two more planned), are open ended enough to allow for game masters to create a one and done adventure (or campaign of several sessions) incorporating the area they live in.

Now, even with the open ended style of the scenarios in the books, there are still some set rules.  Thus, a screen with some of these stats would be a nice accessory for the game.  In addition, flash card style decks for weapons and premade NPCs would be helpful for game masters who will need quick reference or to populate their world on the brink of destruction.



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