I decided that I needed to take the plunge and get a box insert for a couple of my games.  I decided on this for a few different reasons.  My first attempts at making my own ended in less than stellar results.  I ended up with three awkwardly shaped bottom trays for either Eldritch Horror or Arkham Horror and a nasty cut on my finger.  I had used various storage items for pieces with some mixed results.  They worked okay, but they did not work the best.

2015-05-14 00.19.28So, I decided on picking up three inserts from Broken Token.  I picked inserts for Dead of Winter, King of Tokyo and Legendary Encounters.  Legendary Encounters was an easy pick because I really hate how the box is set up.. or rather the total lack of set up in the box.  Dead of Winter I picked because the insert looked like it helped with set up and break down.  And King of Tokyo was picked because it was inexpensive.

The inserts ship unassembled, which was the one thing I was concerned about, especially given my first attempts at home made inserts.  But the items are scored to allow for easy separation, and the pieces are labeled on the instructions so you can tell which piece is which.  The pieces fit together quite well and did not require glue (though they do recommend using tape on the corners of the inserts) and fit the boxes quite snugly.

2015-05-14 00.22.25 As it turned out, my copy of King of Tokyo, which includes the two expansions, really needed an insert.  The box itself had everything tossed in, some of it in bags, other items just thrown in haphazardly.

Now, the insert organized everything, including the expansions.2015-05-14 00.42.28  Furthermore, the tray for the energy cubes and the markers is removable, allowing for it to be removed and used for play.

The Dead of Winter insert is probably the best of the three.  It has three removable trays, allowing for the player markers, the tokens and the dice to be pulled out and used for play.  Furthermore, everything is marked, allowing for easier sorting in the box.

If I had any complaint about the three inserts, it is that there was not enough dividers for the Legendary Encounters cards.  But, since it is possible to order more inserts, I will just have to remember to order some when I get around to ordering an insert for my Marvel Legendary Villains set.


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