Games I Want To Play Again – TableTop Edition

With International TableTop Day roughly a week away, there are a ton of gamers who are building their lists of games they want to play.  Naturally, I am one of those people.  I’ve already posts a short list of some of the games in my collection I have not played but would love to play on International TableTop Day (April 11).  I say short list because the list has grown slightly since I posted it… to fifteen, well sixteen if you count one of the games I picked up today.  And, as I said, that’s just the list of games I have not played yet that I want to try out that day.

On top of that, there are a few games that I have played in the past that I would love to get to the table again.  Okay, that list is also fifteen as well.  Naturally, I know I will have to pare down this list, along with the other one as well.  In the meantime, here are five of the games I’ve played before that I want to get to the table again.

1) Sentinels of the Multiverse



Sure, there are other card based superhero games like DC Deckbuilding Game and Legendary.  But, neither one really gives you the feel of being a superhero pitted against a super villain like Sentinels of the Multiverse.  And, with all the  heroes and villains (and environments) that have been added over the years, Sentinels has a ton of replayability.  I can see myself playing a couple of games on TableTop Day just like I did last year.

2) Eldritch Horror



One of the many Cthulhu based games that have come from Fantasy Flight.  Eldritch Horror has players traveling the globe trying to stop the elder ones from destroying the world.  Like it’s sister game, Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror can be played solo.  But, I would love to give it a go with other players.  And, an event like TableTop Day allows for this game with its two hour play time to hit the table easier than on other days.  I picked this one of the two because Eldritch Horror is more streamlined than Arkham Horror, and I like the globe spanning play a bit better.

3) Stone Age



TableTop Day would not be complete unless there was one worker placement game on the list.  For me, that game is Stone Age.  This game scales well for two to four players, and a lot of fun to play.

4) Mice & Mystics



The best thing about an event like TableTop Day is that gamers are usually in it for the long haul.  So, longer games hit the tables more.  Mice & Mystics is one of those longer games.  This fairy tale like game has the players enter a fantasy world of heroic mice and vicious rats.

5) Arctic Scavengers



I really like deck builders.  And I’ve played quite a few of them.  Some deck builders, like DC Deck Building Game, barely hold together a theme, even if they are fun to play.  Others, like Legendary, just take too long to set up.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but for an event like TableTop Day, I want something a bit more… well, more.  Arctic Scavengers has the players assume the roles of leaders of survivors in a post apocalyptic frozen wasteland fighting for what little resources are left in the world.  Eventually, players must face each other to get the good stuff.


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