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TableTop Day – Views From the Tables

Saturday was International TableTop Day.  On this day, board gamers around the world come together to play board games.  The Meetup group I belonged to, Game On: Chits and Giggles (yes, yes, I got the pun), decided to celebrate this by gaming for the full twenty four hours at the Portal in Manchester, CT, which was open for the full twenty four hours as well.  It was a crazy undertaking, but we got quite a bit of gaming done, with a few observations along the way.

Longest Game I Was Glad I Was Not A Part Of

Our group started the night by splitting off into a couple of smaller groups.  The group I joined pulled out my copy of Stone Age and played the worker placement game.  Other members decided to take on a game of Battlestar Galactica, with a third group starting a game of Elder Sign.

Five hours later, two of the groups had finished their games and joined together in playing a few games of Blood Bound.  When I say a few, I mean four (more on that later).  That Battlestar Galactica game was still going on.  Now, according to, Battlestar Galactica has an average play time of one to two hours.  This particular game had gone on for five hours.

Quote of the Day

“Hold on… dammit, we’ve been playing that wrong.”

Uttered by me the many times I tried to explain how a game is played.

The Fourth Time’s The Charm

Blood Bound is one of the few games in my collection that is designed to play with a large group.  I recently picked it up at my local comic shop knowing that I would eventually be playing with a large group, thanks to the above mentioned meetup group.  The game is a hidden role game where players are members of rival vampire clans trying to kill the leader of the rival clan.  We played this four times early in the morning Saturday.  Three of those times we played it, I managed to realize I missed a small but vital part of the rules.  Thus, by the fourth time, we managed to actually play it right.

Granted, we were able to do this while another part of our group was still trying to find the Cylon in Battlestar Galactica.

Finally Got To Play It

My plan for TableTop Day was to play a few of the unplayed games in my collection, whether they were my copy or not.  I did manage to play Blood Bound (my copy) and Small World (not my copy).  I played many more games, but these are the two that I had in my collection that I had not played yet.

Perfect Game For 6 AM

Two Room and a Boom is a hidden role/deduction game played with a large group.  Players are assigned to two teams with two players playing the president and the bomber respectively.  The goal is for the bomber’s team to get the president and the bomber in the same room.

It turns out that at 6am, there are not the huge numbers of gamers at the store yet, allowing for the two groups to split up into two actual rooms.

That Game Kicked Our Butts

The Portal held two Pandemic Survival tournaments on TableTop Day.  Pandemic Survival is the same as Pandemic with a few alterations.  First, the roles are pre-picked for the tournament.  Secondly, each turn is timed, so you have to think fast or be left behind.

Needless to say, Pandemic kicked our butts.  A lot of us were taken out when outbreaks got to be too much to handle.

Worst Game I Partially Played, Part 1

Ground Floor is a worker placement game where players are trying to build up their companies from the ground floor (get it?).  Unfortunately, I found the game far too complex and a bit boring to boot.  Thankfully, we were saved when the Pandemic Survival tournament was about to begin.

We had planned on coming back to the game after the tournament.  We ended up playing Cockroach Poker instead.

Best Game I Had Hoped To Buy on TableTop Day

Prior to TableTop Day, I had pre-ordered three games that I was planning on buying and playing that Saturday.  Two of the games, Dice Town and Survive: Escape From Atlantis both came in: San Juan did not.  Fortunately, the store had a copy in their game library that I was able to play (though I had played it many times in App form).

San Juan is a tableau building game similar in vein to Race For The Galaxy.  Players work to build their towns and acquire victory points.  Once one player reaches twelve buildings during a building phase, the game ends.  I like playing the app, and really liked playing the actual game.

I just hope that my copy comes in soon.

Worst Game To Play After Staying Up Eighteen Hours

Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition, or any game where you need to close your eyes for any period of times.

Worst Game I Partially Played, Part 2

The last game of the night (or day, however you look at it) was Heroes Wanted, and it really did not click with me.  You could argue that it was because it was 11pm and I had already been gaming for 23 hours.  I would argue that I thought that the idea of forcing players to do stupid gimmicky “personality quirks” or they lose victory points is irritatingly stupid and unneeded.  Thankfully, the late hour forced the game to wrap early, though I pretty much checked out of the game pretty early.

Disappointment of TableTop Day

The store had been holding raffles throughout the day for special TableTop Day promotions.  There was only one promotion that I really wanted: The Felicia Day character card for Dead of Winter. 

Guess what I did not win?

Karma Pays Back Moment

The Portal was having a Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing tournament Sunday.  Since I had just stayed up 24 plus hours for TableTop Day, I had not planned on participating on the tournament.  But, Sunday came around and I said, what the heck.  I figured I probably won’t win, but I’ll get a figure out of the blind booster.

Except I won the whole thing.  I went undefeated.  Well, technically, the last match was a MAD moment (Mutually Assured Destruction, for those who do not remember the cold war).  I killed his last character on the field, but in this particular game, characters do not leave the field until the end of the round.  Thus, that character does get one last attack, and he did.  That attack took out my last two characters.  I got the win by the simple fact that I had the highest level character left on the field when we all died.

Regardless, I won first place and the first place prize.

Games I Want To Play Again – TableTop Edition

With International TableTop Day roughly a week away, there are a ton of gamers who are building their lists of games they want to play.  Naturally, I am one of those people.  I’ve already posts a short list of some of the games in my collection I have not played but would love to play on International TableTop Day (April 11).  I say short list because the list has grown slightly since I posted it… to fifteen, well sixteen if you count one of the games I picked up today.  And, as I said, that’s just the list of games I have not played yet that I want to try out that day.

On top of that, there are a few games that I have played in the past that I would love to get to the table again.  Okay, that list is also fifteen as well.  Naturally, I know I will have to pare down this list, along with the other one as well.  In the meantime, here are five of the games I’ve played before that I want to get to the table again.

1) Sentinels of the Multiverse



Sure, there are other card based superhero games like DC Deckbuilding Game and Legendary.  But, neither one really gives you the feel of being a superhero pitted against a super villain like Sentinels of the Multiverse.  And, with all the  heroes and villains (and environments) that have been added over the years, Sentinels has a ton of replayability.  I can see myself playing a couple of games on TableTop Day just like I did last year.

2) Eldritch Horror



One of the many Cthulhu based games that have come from Fantasy Flight.  Eldritch Horror has players traveling the globe trying to stop the elder ones from destroying the world.  Like it’s sister game, Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror can be played solo.  But, I would love to give it a go with other players.  And, an event like TableTop Day allows for this game with its two hour play time to hit the table easier than on other days.  I picked this one of the two because Eldritch Horror is more streamlined than Arkham Horror, and I like the globe spanning play a bit better.

3) Stone Age



TableTop Day would not be complete unless there was one worker placement game on the list.  For me, that game is Stone Age.  This game scales well for two to four players, and a lot of fun to play.

4) Mice & Mystics



The best thing about an event like TableTop Day is that gamers are usually in it for the long haul.  So, longer games hit the tables more.  Mice & Mystics is one of those longer games.  This fairy tale like game has the players enter a fantasy world of heroic mice and vicious rats.

5) Arctic Scavengers



I really like deck builders.  And I’ve played quite a few of them.  Some deck builders, like DC Deck Building Game, barely hold together a theme, even if they are fun to play.  Others, like Legendary, just take too long to set up.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but for an event like TableTop Day, I want something a bit more… well, more.  Arctic Scavengers has the players assume the roles of leaders of survivors in a post apocalyptic frozen wasteland fighting for what little resources are left in the world.  Eventually, players must face each other to get the good stuff.

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