5 Games in My Collection I Haven’t Played But Want To (TableTop Day Edition)

I have been slowly working through my collection of games that I have that I have not yet played.  Granted, some of those games have not actually been played, but I have played other people’s copies of them (and that counts for something).

And, with International TableTop Day just around the corner, it seems like a great time to look at that collection and pick out a few from the pile that I have not yet played, especially since I am planning on making TableTop Day a 24 hour event.

1) Zombies!!!

Courtesy: horrorcultfilms.co.uk

One of the oldest games in my collection (at least, one that I have had the longest), Zombies!!! is a game that just has not ever made it to the table.

The game itself is pretty simple.  Players try to escape a zombie infested city that grows with each tile the players draw on their turn until they find the helipad (and rescue), or kill 25 zombies.

It is not the best zombie game out there, having been surpassed by the likes of Last Night on Earth, Dead of Winter, and Zombicide.  But, it still sits in my collection waiting to be played at least once.  And TableTop Day seems like a good time to pull out this lighter, yet sprawly board game.

2) Pandemic Contagion

Courtesy: Initiativetabletop.com

Pandemic has become well known, spawning many expansions and a few spin-off games.  Since Pandemic is cooperative, I have been able to solo my way through that game.  And I have managed to play Pandemic The Cure a couple of times.

Which leaves Pandemic Contagion, the game where the players become the diseases they have fought to wipe out in the other games.  I’m hoping that TableTop Day will finally be the day I can get this one to the table.

Then I’ll start worrying about the expansions to the original game, and Pandemic Legacy when it comes out.

3) Mr. Jack

Courtesy: Boardgamegeek.com

I have managed to play Mister Jack Pocket and Le Fantome de l’Opera, which some people have described as Mister Jack in Paris.  But I have yet to actually play Mister Jack itself.

The game itself is a deduction game pitting two players against each other in a race against time.  One player is the notorious Mister Jack, trying to escape detection, while the other tries to discover who is Mister Jack really is before he (or she) escapes.

Mister Jack is strictly a two player game, which has not worked all that well for larger groups.  I am hoping that TableTop Day will allow for some time where I can break out this two player game for a couple of plays before diving back into the big group games that will tend to dominate the day.

4) Zooloretto

Courtesy: Fairgamestore.com

Zooloretto is a bit different than some of the other games previously on this list.  There is no killing zombies, no infecting the world, or even trying to find an infamous murderer.  Zooloretto has the players building and populating zoos.

Each round, “trucks” are loaded with animals and concession stands.  Players will take one of these trucks and place the objects in their zoo.  If they do not have room, then they go to the barn.  Points are scored by filling areas and lost by having animals in the barn.

5) Mansions of Madness

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Courtesy: weirdtalesmagazine.com

Another of Fantasy Flight Games’ many Cthulhu based board games.  Mansions of Madness looked really cool when I picked it up.  But, it has since sat on my shelf unplayed, mostly due to the extremely difficult set up and the need for at least two players.  But, with the plan for TableTop Day to be an all-day event (literally), there is a good chance that a longer game with a long set up could hit the table.

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