Games Falling By The Wayside

As I have been picking away (slowly) at the number of games I have yet to play in my collection, I have noticed that there are a few of them that, frankly, I have a lesser desire to play.  Some of the games I have played, and some I have not.  Many of these games are not really have I hate.  They are just games that I just really don’t want to play.  At least, they are not games that I want to play a lot.

And, for the record, there are 102 games in my collection that I have not played in some way or another.

  1. Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game – I like the concept of the Living Card Game (LCG), which Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is a good example of.  The idea of buying one booster set and getting the available cards for that particular set, instead of having to buy packs upon packs to get the cards that you need, is a good thing.  The problem that I have with Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is threefold.  First, in spite of it being an LCG, there are a ton of expansions for the game, far too many for me to try and collect.  This is the problem I have with The Lord of the Rings LCG as well (Star Wars: The Card Game is getting pretty bloated as well, though I have gotten all the expansions for that).  Next, a lot of online posts seem to suggest to build a good Call of Cthulhu deck, you should buy duplicate sets.  This, to me, goes against the whole idea of the LCG.  Finally, there just are not any people in my area who really want to play it.
  2. Dice Masters – This is the new popular game.  Dice Masters has players using dice to fight against their opponent.  The dice themselves are sold on booster packs as well as starter sets (much like Magic the Gathering).  Dice Masters was initially hurt by a lack of supply of the first set, X-Men vs. Avengers, though supplies of the later sets have been better.  The game is interesting, but not really enough to hold my interest enough for me to try and get new sets.  It also does not help that I have already dumped a lot of money trying to collect the dice and cards for the one set that has been readily available.
  3. Fluxx – Fluxx (and all its variations) is a simple game.  Players try to collect keepers to meet a goal.  However, during the game, goals, keepers, and even rules are constantly changing.  I like Fluxx (well, most of the variations), but I have played it so much that I really can use a break from it.  I even have two versions (Martian Fluxx and Holiday Fluxx) that I have yet to play, and I would not be heartbroken if I did not play them.
  4. Cards Against Humanity – This simple fill in the blank game is fun the first few times you play.  However, you do eventually burn through the cards fairly fast, so you are bound to see the answers again, which does get boring.  Currently, I would rather play Word Whimsy, which has players combine words to create their answers (often with the same Humanity answers coming up) than CaH.
  5. Bang! – To be completely transparent with this one, I do not have the actual Bang! game, but Bang! The Walking Dead Survivor Showdown.  But, I have played the original version of Bang! more than my copy and pretty much figure that my version plays pretty much the same way.  Bang! is interesting, but after playing it a couple of times, I am kind of tired with the game.  If it comes out, I would play it, but it would not be my first choice for game nights.

Honorable Mention: One Night Ultimate Werewolf – I actually don’t have this game in my collection, but I have played it a number of times over the last couple of weeks.  The goal is for the villagers to kill one of the werewolves.  If they succeed, they win, otherwise, the werewolves lose.  Unless you are the Tanner, then you want to be killed.  Or if you are Cursed, then you want one of the werewolves to target you so you are on their team.  Or if… well, you kind of get the idea.  The game plays fast, which is a plus over the other Werewolf games, but it does start to boil down to a lot of arguing over who is what.  It’s not a bad game, but it just needs a lot of players, and can end up broken depending on what characters are included.  One game I played ended up with everyone voting for me to be the werewolf, including myself, just because it was that obvious that I was the werewolf.


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