5 Board Games I Have… But Never Played

Recently I watched an episode of Board Game Breakfast (part of The Dice Tower) that had at least two segments talking about board games that have never been played.  This, naturally, got me thinking.  In the short period of time that I have been collecting and playing board games, I have picked up quite a number of games.  And a lot of them, for various reasons, just have never been played.

And there are quite a few of them.

Some of them just take too long to bring out and set up.  Some of them take too long to play, or rather, more time than I can really dedicate to playing them.  Some of them need more than two people to play, which for me is sometimes difficult to gather.  And some of them I just have not made it through the rulebooks to feel comfortable bringing them into the play.

Now, there are certain caveats to this list.  I have not played my copy of Last Night on Earth, but I have played the game, so games like this I’m leaving off my list.  Others are expansions which I have not played (like Nightfall: Martial Law), so I would not count them, even if the expansion is standalone.

And really, this is a list that I can easily add more and more games to.

1) Small World

I picked up Small World sometime after seeing it on TableTop.  The game has the players taking on roles of various races all vying for control of the land.  Players will switch races throughout the game in an attempt to gain the points needed for victory.

Since picking it up, it has pretty much sat on my shelf unplayed.

2) Art of Tactic

This is less one game than a system of games.  In my collection, I have a few that use this system, spanning from feudal Japan to World War 2.  The system itself seems pretty straight forward, but I have yet to bring any of them to the table.  I think that this could be mostly because the actual playing pieces needed to be assembled and I’m afraid that I’ll break them transporting them somewhere to play.

3) Mage Knight

This is one game that looks decent, but I just have not been able t get it to the table, even though it has a solo variant.  In this case, the big problem I have is reading through the rulebook and understanding it enough to be able to play the game.  I am not even confident enough in my understanding of the game to try and explain it here.

4) Firefly

Based on the cult television series, this game remains unplayed in my collection because of time.  Players assume the roles of pilots of Firefly class starships (like Serenity), but the game length has been said to last hours.  Not two to three hours, more like four to five hours.

5) Core Worlds

Core Worlds is a galactic deck builder game.  Now, as anyone who has read any of my other gaming posts on here would know, I am a big fan of deck builders.  Yet, this one has stayed on my self and not been tried out.  Worse still, I have bought expansions for this game that I have yet to even try out with the base game.  Hopefully, I have get this to a gaming table soon.

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