5 Games I Wish I Could Play More

Naturally, with any collection of games, there are a few that just do not seem to make it to the table enough.  More are five from my collection that seem to have suffered that fate.

1) Sails of Glory

2014-07-13 15.02.23Sails of Glory is a miniatures game where the players assume the roles of captains of a tall ship during the Napoleonic Wars.  The game itself is quite simple, even though it can ratchet up to more complex levels.  Players use a deck of maneuver cards specific to the ship he is playing.  He plans multiple turns in advance.  Between each move, the players see if they can open fire at each other, pulling tokens out of a pouch if they are in range.

Sails of Glory does not get to the table that much simply because I cannot find enough players interested in playing.  It does not help that starter sets are not that easy to get a hold of locally either.

2) Eldritch Horror

Courtesy: Fantasyflightgames.com

Courtesy: Fantasyflightgames.com

Eldritch Horror is a board game by Fantasy Flight Games based on the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos.  The game differs enough from its predecessor, Arkham Horror, to actually make it more streamlined and a bit more playable, but still as eerie as the original.

In this case, Eldritch Horror has two things working against it.  The first is that it is a long game, playing somewhere between two and four hours.  It is a long time to dedicate to one game (not the longest, but up there).  The second problem I have is that while Eldritch Horror can be played solo, I would like to play it with other people.  So far, I have not met too many people who would be interested in playing.

3) Legendary Encounters

The latest in Upper Deck’s Legendary deck builder games, Legendary Encounters brings the system into the world of Alien with this stand alone expansion.  The game has some mechanisms in it that make it a different play than the Marvel Legendary games (a player, in the right situation, can actually die and play as an alien against the other players).

The problem with this game is the game itself.  It is a great game, even if it kicked my butt the first time I played it.  But, a lot of the cards are very similar in appearance.  Actually, that is not accurate, some of the cards are identical in appearance except for small text at the bottom of the card that says which set it belongs to.  Break down after a game is difficult because of the similar appearances.  It took me a long time just to sort through the game initially after I purchased it because of this.  Upper Deck’s system of sorting (READ: None) did not help at all.

4) Mansions of Madness

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Another Fantasy Flight Cthulhu game, Mansions of Madness is a scenario based game that pits a team of investigators against a big bad who is trying to stop the investigators from uncovering the mystery.  Players will search rooms for clues and try to solve puzzles, all while trying to keep from being eliminated by the opposition.

Where breakdown is the problem with Legendary Encounters, set up is the problem here.  The layout of the scenario has to be set up by the player running the scenario (also the game’s big bad) prior to the players starting to play.  Which means there are an ample amount of opportunities for other players to start another game that will hold there interest more than this one.

I also have the same issue that I have with Eldritch Horror: a lack of players interested in playing a Cthulhu based horror game.

5) Wings of Glory

Another miniatures game, Wings of Glory (by the same company that makes Sails of Glory) has the players take to the sky in either the planes of World War I, or World War II.  The two eras are separate from each other and are not compatible with each other, but they do share some similarities (movement done by plane specific decks, multiple moves planned).  Where Sails of Glory captures the feel of tall ships with deliberate moves and reloading phases for the broadsides, Wings of Glory is fast paced and captures the feel of aerial dog fights very well.

Sadly, like Sails of Glory, there is not a lot of interest in this game in my area, which is sad since both this game and Sails of Glory both lend themselves to the recreation of historical events.

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