Picks of the Week – December 3, 2014

The year begins to wind down as we look at a few picks from this week’s comic releases.


First, I just want to voice my opinion about something.  I have been a reader of the All-New X-Factor since it started.  You may notice that this week’s edition will not be in the picks this week.  This has nothing to so with the imminent cancelation of the title, but more with Marvel’s latest “event,” Axis.  Once again, Marvel has thrown a broad reach over its titles, tying a number of them into their event series.  The problem is that I have chosen not to read the event series.  This probably has to do with my growing disappointment with many of their previous event books.  A lot of them I felt were just not good.  Civil War was nothing more than an excuse for heroes to fight other heroes, which was sad because the had a good idea buried in all that muck.  World War Hulk and Secret Invasion were not much better.  And don’t even get me started on Fear Itself, which was just a gigantic pile of… muck.

What annoys me about the tie ins is that quite often, if you choose not to read all the titles in the event, you end up lost.  Personally, when I get lost in a storyline, I get tired of a book, and soon I drop it.

Anyway, back to the picks this week.

Batman Eternal #35 (DC Comics) – It definitely hit the fan last week.  Gotham has seized the assets of Wayne Enterprises, all the assets of Wayne Enterprises.  Now, Batman is public enemy number one by order of police commissioner Jason Bard, who’s motivations are explored more in this book.

Green Lantern #37 (DC Comics) – The Godhead crossover in the Lantern books continues as Hal Jordan goes in the offensive with unlikely ally, Black Hand.  But, is it wise to enlist an insane man with the power to raise the dead, and fight at the source wall.

Now, you would think that I would not be a fan of Godhead given the rant I had earlier about Marvel’s “events.”  But, this crossover benefits from the fact that it is self contained in the Green Lantern titles.  The series reads more like a weekly book with each part clearly titled (Green Lantern is Act 3 part 1), which also makes it easier to follow the story (unlike the All-New X-Factor “Axis Tie-In”).

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