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5 Thing I Would Put On My Christmas Wish List

I don’t really celebrate Christmas.  For me, the holiday lost all of its magic.  I’m not sure if it is the over commercialization of the holiday, the countless stories of people trampling other people in stores just so they can get the latest television that is not anywhere near on sale, or if its relatives asking me if I would mine if they exchanged the gift I gave them immediately after opening it.  Whatever the reason, the whole thing just does not have the hold on me that it did when I was younger.

But, if I were to make a Christmas wish list, there would be five things on it that I would really love (though I know there is no chance of me even getting them).

Courtesy: IMDB

Courtesy: IMDB

Let me clarify, these are things that would be quite possible to get me for Christmas.  Yes, I would love a date from Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Daniella Sarahyba.  What red blooded American heterosexual guy wouldn’t.  But, since the possibilities of that actually happening are slimmer than my chances of finding out I was rocketed to this Earth from a dying Krypton or being deemed worthy to join the Green Lantern Corps (between those two, I want the power ring), I am not going to put that on the list.

Thus, this list will be limited to things that someone could actually get me if they really wanted to get me something other than boring clothes that I need.  After all, a Christmas present should not be about getting something you need, it’s should be about getting something you want.

So, I present the five things I would put on my Christmas List.

1) Castles of Mad King Ludwig

This game is inspired by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and the fantastic castles that he had constructed, including Neuschwanstein, which looks like something right out of a fairy tale (and has become so thanks to Disney).  Players place tiles building a wondrous palace for the mad King.

Granted, I have not played this game yet, and I might find out that I really do not like it as a game.  But, the castles that Ludwig had built in his madness are some of the most beautiful in the world.  If the game manages to capture only a fraction of this, it should be am awesome looking game.

2 & 3) A Blu-Ray Player and High Definition Television

Prices have dropped significantly for both, making a combination gift of a high Definition television and Blu-Ray player.  I don’t need a big screen, and a number of the smaller ones will double as televisions and computer screens.  And with more and more releases on Blu-Ray rather than regular DVD, it is starting to look like its time for me to take that plunge.

4) Liberty Meadows Trade Paperbacks

Liberty Meadows is a comic strip that was created by Frank Cho set in an animal sanctuary populated by a number of highly dysfunctional animals and the humans trying to help them.  The series is funny, and (thankfully) has been collected in a number of trades over the years.

Oh, and Brandy is quite hot as well.

5) Dice Town and Dice Town Expansion

This game set in the wild west has players rolling dice and trying to make the best poker hands possible.  Players then try to acquire gold nuggets, property, or victory points based on what they managed to roll.  I first played this game at an International TableTop Day with the expansion (thus its inclusion) and learned that I really liked being the sheriff in the name (the sheriff gets to decide ties, which can be quite beneficial if he is corrupt… like I was).

Saturday Songs – November 29, 2014

Here’s a song with a music video that looks like it was set in how New England felt this past week.

Picks of the Week – November 26, 2014

Just a few picks for this busy holiday week.



Superman #36 (DC Comics) – Ullysses has made an offer to the people of Earth.  The first 6 millions who come to the landing spots will join him for a new life in another dimension.  But, what is truly behind this magnanimous offer?  Superman is in a race to find out.

Batman Eternal #34 (DC Comics) – It’s Batman versus Hush, and Hush has found a cache of Batman’s gear to use against him.  Is this the final battle?  Or is Hush just another player in this intricate scheme?

Catching Up

Sunday was a day for me to catch up on stuff.  Well, on some viewing stuff anyway.

I played a couple of games of D&D Atack Wing today, trying out a couple of different legion builds.  The one thing I realized is that troops such as the Hobgoblins feel almost useless in battle.  I played a 4 member unit and watched them get wiped out in one attack.  There could possibly be a way of using them effectively, but I would have to experiment a lot with them to find out, and I’m not sure I have the patience for that.

As for catching up, I finally saw Captain America: Winter Soldier, even after buying the DVD a few weeks ago.  I have to say it was not all that bad.  I liked what they did with Falcon, and even though I am sufficiently versed in Winter Soldier lore, it was still cool to see it played out on DVD.

I also caught up with Constantine, NBC’s show based on the DC Comics character.  In this case, catching up was really only the fifth episode since I power watched episodes 2, 3 and 4 last Monday.  I like the show, and not just because they actually got John Constantine right (READ: Not the Keanu Reeves version).  Well, maybe because they got the character right.  While the first episode was not really as dark as the comic (the original Hellblazer comic was extremely dark), there have been a lot of moments in the later episodes that really come close to matching the comic.  It doesn’t hurt that the series has been riddled with Easter Eggs from the dark side of the DC Universe, from the inclusion of the Doctor Fate helmet in episode one to Jim Corrigan showing up in the latest episode.  Including elements of the Constantine mythos (Papa Midnight) definitely help as well.

Saturday Songs

We’re going a little retro for this thematic song for the upcoming Manchester Road Race.  Here’s Slade with RunRunaway.

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