New Shows To Watch

With most of the fall season premieres already past, I thought I’d take a look at a couple of the shows that have struck me as being decent.

First up is the one that I’m really loving, ScorpionScorpion focuses on a group of uber-geniuses who work for the government as freelance consultants.  This foursome is joined on their adventures by federal agent Cabe Gallo and Paige Dineen, a former waitress with a genius son and the ability to help the group function in the real world (if you have ever seen Eureka, she is, in essence, Sheriff Carter).  What struck me about this show was the first episode, one that actually did not feature a villain.  In that episode, the group is brought in by Gallo because of a faulty software patch that endangers all air traffic going into LAX.  Seemingly simple enough problem that turns into a race against time and allows all the members of the group to shine in their own way… and introduces them to Paige and her son.

The show is inspired by the real Walter O’Brien, though there are some reports out their that some of his own life may be a bit sensationalized.  But, even if you take that out of the picture, the show is still a great show to watch.

Also on the plate is Forever.  This crime drama pairs a cop with a medical examiner to solve crimes.  Nothing all that special about that, except that the medical examiner, Henry Morgan, is more or less immortal.

I have to admit that I found the first episode a bit heavy on explanation.  There was a lot of who Henry was, where he came from, and how his particular form of immortality happens to manifest.  It was this particular form of immortality (Henry dies, then finds himself alive in a body of water) that I found interesting because I had toyed with a character similar to that back in college.  Still, Forever has managed to pull me back in to watch more, both with the cases, and Morgan’s relationships both with Detective Jo Martinez, and Abe (with whom Morgan has a lot of history with).

Again, I do like the show, even if a lot of the cases can be presented without the whole immortality issue being brought in.  But, I can see how a show like this might not pull in a big audience.  I would be shocked if it lasts the season, though I would still probably watch if it goes to a second season.

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