Gaming Weekend

This week I returned to X-Wing for a match.  It was the only game that I played this weekend.

The match pitted a modified version of my Millennium squad (Chewbacca in the Falcon and three A-Wings) against an Imperial squad made of two academy TIE Fighters, a TIE Phantom, and Darth Vader in a TIE Advanced.  The battle literally went came down to two ships and one very lucky roll of the dice.  In the end, my last A-Wing managed to survive the day.

I like this squad, which took advantage of the upgrade cards that came with the Rebel Aces set.  By equipping all three A-Wings with the refit card (which takes away the missile slot, but has a cost of -2), I was able to free up points to play around with stuff.  Two of the A-Wings were able to gain a Veteran Instincts and a Determination upgrade (thanks to the other upgrade card in the Rebel Aces set), and I was able to add Han Solo to the Falcon.  It turns out that the Han Solo crew cards is pretty much useless.  After the match, I ended up taking him out and adding in a tactician.

Unfortunately, this was the only have that I played this week.  Gaming days like this get me a little down, mostly because I realize how insecure I can be.  I have a problem approaching people in most places.  I often feel like I’m intruding when I do, so I quite often will not make the move to join in.  This is not quite as bad with games, but most often, I will rarely venture out of my little group to explore other games and meet new people.

You could say that I’m shy, or introverted.  Usually, I just consider myself a big loser for not being able to take that first step and join in, which makes me wonder why I want to play these games so much.


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