5 Games for the Halloween Season

Tis the season for spooks and frights, for ghosts and goblins.  And what better way to celebrate this spooktacular (sorry, I couldn’t resist) time of the year than with a few games that just go so well with the season.

1) Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is a pretty new game that has players assuming the roles of survivors gathered together in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.  The game is semi-cooperative, meaning that the players will work towards a common goal while each striving to complete their own secret objectives.  And, it is possible that one of the players will betray the group to meet their goal.

I have played this game once, but I am quite eager to play it again.  The game builds tension through crises and “crossroad cards” which may or may not activate during a player’s turn.

2) Dark Gothic

This deck builder is set in the Touch of Evil universe created by Flying Frog Productions.  This deck builder looks interesting since the players’ decks are constructed based on criteria set by the characters they choose to play.

3) Legendary Encounters

Upper Deck expands the Legendary deck building game line with this game based on the Aliens universe.  Like Dead of Winter, I have played this one before and really want to play this one again… even if set up and break down takes forever.  There is a real sense of foreboding with this game as players have no idea whether their searches will find the means of achieving their goals.. or bring about their demise.

4) Dead Panic

This is not a simple reskinning of Castle Panic for the zombie crowd.  As the zombies close in on the cabin, players must search for the means of saving their lives.  This means they will have to leave the cabin and possibly face the zombies beyond.  Will they live, or will they turn into the undead themselves?

5) Gloom

Gloom is a dastardly dark card game where the players must make their characters as miserable as possible before killing them off.  The real fun of Gloom comes from the stories that players weave around the cards they play.  It is deviously fun, and incredibly easy to simplify for new players (ignore the card special effects and focus on the storytelling).

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