Gaming Weekend – September 28, 2014

This weekend, I finally got Wings of Glory to the gaming table, or at least the World War 1 variant.  And, I have to say, I really like this game.  We played the basic game (maneuvering and no special damage beyond the explosion), and we really got the hang of flying the planes pretty fast.  It was a simple one on one that I ended up losing after I got the dreaded explosion.  The only real problem we ran into was that the table we happened to pick was a little slippery, so placing the maneuver cards and moving the bases got a little troublesome.  But, it is still a game that I would like to revisit with more players.

After that match, we moved onto Doomtown Reloaded.  This game is a relaunch of an old collectible card game revised to become a living card game.  Players fight for control over a Western town.  The game seemed alright, but we had a bit of trouble getting a good grasp of the rules.  We finished the first game in two rounds and were pretty sure we did something wrong.  Luckily, the game includes a play through of a few rounds of the game with the decks we had.  It turned out we were not playing it wrong, it just does play that fast.  I may try it again, probably after watching some tutorials online if I find them.

Finally, we wrapped up the night with Formula Motor Racing.  Here players use cards to position their racers to the front of the pack and to victory.  Positioning is done by playing cards that are color coded to the cars in play.  So, it is possible to actually hurt yourself because you don’t get anything that helps you.  The game was quick and there is enough “take that” in the game to make it enjoyable for everyone playing.


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