Picks of the Week – September 24, 2014

I wanted to start this week with a bit of an overview of sorts.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, this month, DC has been running a special Futures End event with every DC book (including many of the recently cancelled books) involved in a five-year jump into the future.  The idea seems interesting, even if it has been done before (Armageddon 2001 comes to mind with its ten-year jump).  To make it really stand out, DC had even resorted to gimmick covers like they did with the Forever Evil tie-ins.

Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, the whole event has fallen flat for me.  Many of the books seem disjointed and completely disconnected with the original storylines, or even the weekly title that they all tie into.

That being said, there are two books that I think stand out this week.


Futures End Superman #1 directly ties into the events of the parent weekly.  Thanks to Lois Lane, the masked Superman has been revealed at Shazam.  Now, as he is dealing with the fallout.  In this book, we see a glimpse at what led to Shazam’s decision to assume the mantle of the S, as well deal with one of his own villains calling him out.

The other book, Futures End Red Lantern #1 takes a unique take on the Lanterns.  Five years from now, the Red Lanterns are all but gone, hunted down by Bleez and Guy Gardner, now wielding the power of the Blue Lantern.  In this world, only two Red Lanterns remain, and Gardner and Bleez turn their attention to the other one.

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