Gaming Weekend

Though I still have not managed to try out either Wings of Glory game yet, I still managed to get in a little gaming this Sunday.

We started with two games of World of Tanks Rush.  This deck building game, based on the online game, has players building an army of tanks to defend their bases against attacks from the other players, winning medals (victory points) for each tank destroyed.  The first match was a runaway as I managed to secure a couple of heavy tanks (the only tanks in the game that can take out a base with one attack) and took out a number of bases.  The second game was a bit more balanced.  I did not win, but I only lost by 1 point.

Wrapping up the night was the worker placement game Lords of Waterdeep.  This was the third time I had played the game, and the second with the expansion.  I fell behind early and was never really able to catch up.  It was only because the lead player had accumulated so much corruption (negative victory points added in the expansion) that I did not come in last.

Still, the plan for next weekend is to hopefully get in a game of Wings of Glory (probably the  World War 1 version).


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