Meetup Update

It looks like someone has signed on as organizer for the Meetup group I mentioned a few days ago.  While it is a good thing because the group won’t fold, I still have a few reservations.

This particular organizer is not from the area.  He’s from near the area, but not really close enough where it would be feasible for him to be an active part of the group.  He has brought on a number of the regulars as co-organizers who are local.  But, the distance makes me feel like he might be an absent landlord, only paying the bills while the group continues or falters.

Which brings me to my second concern.  As an absent landlord organizer for the Meetup group, he is simply footing the bill for the group to exist (which is roughly $15).  What happens when he decides that it would be better for the members to contribute to the costs?  It is very understandable that this could happen.  But I get the feeling that it would be easier for it to happen with someone who is not taking an active part in the group, but simply paying to keep it alive.  This is especially so when you factor in that this particular organizer is also the organizer for at least three other groups.

Granted, all of this could be simple distrust and paranoia.  But, then again, as the saying goes, just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

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