Picks of the Week – September 3, 2014

Fall is just around the corner, and this week brought in some special titles into the shops.  So, let’s not waste any time and take a look.


Starting this month, DC Comics readers will begin to explore the world of Futures End with a whole slew of Futures End tie in titles, the first of which hit the shelves this week.  Each issue features a special cover.

The big stand out issue for me was The Phantom Stranger one shot.  Five years from how, The Stranger has atoned for his sins, and now must face judgment.  But, is the deck stacked against him when he discovered that the council he must face is made of many of his past enemies.

Meanwhile, over in New 52 Futures End, we have learned the secret of the masked Superman.  Now, we must find out what happened to the real Superman.

Justice League #33 finishes its first post-Forever Evil storyline as the League face off against the Doom Patrol with the fate of the power ring wearing Jessica Cruz in the balance.  Plus, the big guns (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman) deal with a major decision: Should Luthor be allowed in the league.

Finally, over in All-New X-Factor, Quicksilver spends a day with his daughter, Luna.  unfortunately, the Inhumans, who still have a bit of a grudge against the speedster, would prefer that Luna not be anywhere near her father.

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