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Gaming Weekend – September 28, 2014

This weekend, I finally got Wings of Glory to the gaming table, or at least the World War 1 variant.  And, I have to say, I really like this game.  We played the basic game (maneuvering and no special damage beyond the explosion), and we really got the hang of flying the planes pretty fast.  It was a simple one on one that I ended up losing after I got the dreaded explosion.  The only real problem we ran into was that the table we happened to pick was a little slippery, so placing the maneuver cards and moving the bases got a little troublesome.  But, it is still a game that I would like to revisit with more players.

After that match, we moved onto Doomtown Reloaded.  This game is a relaunch of an old collectible card game revised to become a living card game.  Players fight for control over a Western town.  The game seemed alright, but we had a bit of trouble getting a good grasp of the rules.  We finished the first game in two rounds and were pretty sure we did something wrong.  Luckily, the game includes a play through of a few rounds of the game with the decks we had.  It turned out we were not playing it wrong, it just does play that fast.  I may try it again, probably after watching some tutorials online if I find them.

Finally, we wrapped up the night with Formula Motor Racing.  Here players use cards to position their racers to the front of the pack and to victory.  Positioning is done by playing cards that are color coded to the cars in play.  So, it is possible to actually hurt yourself because you don’t get anything that helps you.  The game was quick and there is enough “take that” in the game to make it enjoyable for everyone playing.

Saturday Songs – September 27, 2014

This week we are going with some live music from last year.

Here is Nightwish with Floor Jansen on lead vocals with Nemo.

Quote of the Day – September 26, 2014

The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around. Let them fight.

Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (played by Ken Watanabe)

Godzilla (2014)

Picks of the Week – September 24, 2014

I wanted to start this week with a bit of an overview of sorts.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, this month, DC has been running a special Futures End event with every DC book (including many of the recently cancelled books) involved in a five-year jump into the future.  The idea seems interesting, even if it has been done before (Armageddon 2001 comes to mind with its ten-year jump).  To make it really stand out, DC had even resorted to gimmick covers like they did with the Forever Evil tie-ins.

Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, the whole event has fallen flat for me.  Many of the books seem disjointed and completely disconnected with the original storylines, or even the weekly title that they all tie into.

That being said, there are two books that I think stand out this week.


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Online vs Retail vs FLGS

When it comes to games, I prefer to buy from my local friendly gaming shop (or FLGS), though I will sometimes buy online.

For me, there are really three tiers when it comes to shopping.  Online is obvious.  These are the online stores like Amazon or Coolstuffinc.  And while shopping at your FLGS and shopping at Target are both retail, I do differentiate between them.

Shopping online more or less guarantees that you will let the product you want.  I say more or less because even online stores will sell out of items.  Shopping retail can be a crap shoot.  Stores like Target, Walmart, even Barnes & Noble may or may not have the products you want.  And they probably will not have the selection of an online store, or maybe even an FLGS.  Smaller stores like an FLGS can specialize more, which can offer more selection.  And, if you cannot find what you are looking for, you could possibly order it.

Now, there are other advantages of each, but, as I said, I do prefer shopping at my local FLGS.  Doing this probably will not get me the best price on a game, but it will get me the best knowledge of a game.  Online stores offer reviews, but they cannot always be trusted.  I have seen one person who “reviewed” a G.I. Joe figure poorly and simply ran a diatribe about gun control.  And, retail stores just don’t have the personnel to be able to tell you what a game is like.  I’m sure there are even a few people working at these stores that have no idea that they even carry the games.

I also like shopping at my FLGS because they are locally owned and locally operated.  In buying locally, I keep my money local, helping to build up the local economy.  To be honest, I do this beyond games.  When I have hardware questions or needs, I go to my local Ace Hardware, which is locally owned.  And, like the FLGS, I actually get the answers I need, as opposed to a direction to another aisle.

Now, that is not to say that I do not rule out shopping retail, or shopping online.  I have made purchases online, but not often.  Most of the times it was because I wanted something that just was not available at any of my local stores.  Other times it is just because it is convenient to do so.  But I still prefer to shop locally.  This is why when it comes to buying my Rebel Aces set for Star Wars X-Wing, I will buy it at my local comic shop where I’ve been getting my comics because they are a local small business.

And probably get another one at my FLGS as well.

Gaming Weekend

Though I still have not managed to try out either Wings of Glory game yet, I still managed to get in a little gaming this Sunday.

We started with two games of World of Tanks Rush.  This deck building game, based on the online game, has players building an army of tanks to defend their bases against attacks from the other players, winning medals (victory points) for each tank destroyed.  The first match was a runaway as I managed to secure a couple of heavy tanks (the only tanks in the game that can take out a base with one attack) and took out a number of bases.  The second game was a bit more balanced.  I did not win, but I only lost by 1 point.

Wrapping up the night was the worker placement game Lords of Waterdeep.  This was the third time I had played the game, and the second with the expansion.  I fell behind early and was never really able to catch up.  It was only because the lead player had accumulated so much corruption (negative victory points added in the expansion) that I did not come in last.

Still, the plan for next weekend is to hopefully get in a game of Wings of Glory (probably the  World War 1 version).

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