Star Wars Recap

No, this isn’t a recap of any of the movies.  Besides, I could not give a recap of Episode 3 anyway since I still have yet to see it.  No, this is a recap of the Star Wars announcements from Fantasy Flight Games at GenCon this year.

I have to admit that the announcement I am most excited about was for Star Wars X-Wing, specifically the announcement of a third faction, the scum and villainy faction.  It is going to be interesting to see how these ships will play into the current Imperial versus Rebel dynamic.  And while there are two repaints in the series (Z95s and a Y-Wing repainted for the new faction), the set will feature cards to rebrand the HWK and Slave 1 (Boba Fett’s ship) for the new faction.  If these two ships can be rebranded, I get the feeling that other ships may get the same treatment in the near future.

I am also curious about the new fleet scale miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada.  Most of my curiosity comes from by interest in Sails of Glory, where players take on the roles of captains of tall ships in the Napoleonic era.  Initial previews suggest that there may be some similarities (planning multiple turns in advance, controlling larger vessels), but there are some significant differences.  Movement does not seem anything like X-Wing (set templates for the ships), nor like Sails either (which use maneuver cards specific to the ships involved).  Whether the movement gizmo (for lack of a better term) is any better or worse will remain to be seen.

Finally, there was the last big announcement that has me quite intrigued.  Star Wars Imperial Assault looks like a branded version of another Fantasy Flight game, Descent.  That alone has be interested in checking this out.  While I have never played Descent, I have been curious about the game and would one day like to try it out, even if it isn’t a full campaign.  Imperial Assault looks like it follows the same game logic (players explore an area while one tries to stop them), but there’s more to this game than an interstellar dungeon crawl.  Imperial Assault can also be played at a ground tactics game, pitting rebels against Imperials.


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